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So this Ultimate Journey, where was I?

The Ultimate Journey
I know it has been a long time since I have updated you guys over The Ultimate Journey and I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting for this long. So what did we get into from last time out? As most of you won’t...

Pint that thinks it’s a quart 7.1

To The Promised Land
28 Jan 2013. Back in the the '70s, before the the triumph of the CAMRA-led guerillas, the beer industry in the UK was an oligopoly. The conglomerates decided that what the public really wanted was glasses full of nothing but water, gas, and foam. The...

Classic Championship Manager : And now for something completely different….

It’s 1997 and the English FA have found themselves penniless. Sky TV didn’t quite take off and it’s left the country’s football in tatters. Rich American benefactors have arrived to save the day – but there’s a catch. Every team’s ‘roster’ will be reset...

Run, Forest! Run! Part 3: The Guns of August

Run Forest Run
And so it begins. 46 matches stand between us and… and… what? Promotion? Relegation? Mid table obscurity? I gues we’ll have to wait and see. We showed fine form in preseason and I hope this well get us a nice, comfortable start of the...

The Trophy Wife #2

So, being left with less options than a vegetarian in a butcher’s shop, I continue my quest to make Manchester United great again. Caryl, our delightful new Director of Football, has had her wicked way with my squad, and disappeared until January, when she’ll...