How to Imitate Tottenham’s New Tactics on FM24

tottenham hotspur

There isn’t much question that Tottenham has been one of the biggest surprises of the Premier League season. Virtually all of the other teams challenging for a Champions League spot have had a stable coach for several years. On the other hand, Spurs are excelling with new manager Ange Postecoglou at the helm.

Postecoglou has completely changed Tottenham’s tactics, making them more aggressive on the attack whereas some of the club’s recent managers set up Spurs in a more defensive shape. Somehow, the complex and complicated tactics have worked on the field, although they are understandably hard to implement and emulate on Football Manager 24. That’s why we wanted to share some useful tips on how to bring Postecoglou’s tactics with Tottenham to FM24.

The Formation

Naturally, it all starts with the right formation. On FM24, it’s best to utilize the traditional 4-2-3-1 formation, although at times a 4-3-3 can also be appropriate. Just keep in mind that with Postecoglou’s tactics, the formation plays like a 2-3-4-1.

The two central defenders have a lot of pressure to defend with help from the sweeper keeper. This enables one holding midfielder to sit in front of the two center-backs with a little help from the fullbacks. Therefore, five attacking players are free to push forward with the wingers staying wide.

Fullbacks Are Key

One of the biggest keys to getting Postecoglou’s tactics right is how to use the fullbacks. Rather than helping to create width, this tactic calls for inverted fullbacks. This means they float to the middle of the field, creating a numerical advantage in midfield.

Obviously, while the team is defending, fullbacks have to revert back to their traditional positioning to defend with four in the back and cover the wide spaces. Needless to say, a lot is asked of fullbacks in this system, so they need to be among the best players in the squad.

While in Possession

In this tactical system, there is a lot going on while in possession. Of course, the mentality has to be positive and aggressive. There is a focus on playing with a high tempo, being aggressive by challenging defenders, and trying to get the ball into the box.

While the tactics often aim to play the ball through the middle of the field because the inverted fullbacks create an advantage, the wingers playing wide make it a good idea to focus on getting the ball outside and trying to play low crosses into the box.

Press and Counter

During transition periods, the instructions on FM24 are simple but critical. The idea is to counter-press after losing possession and then quickly counter after winning back the ball.

After winning back possession, the two center-backs and the holding midfielder should try to maintain their position while everyone else, including the two fullbacks, starts pushing forward. This can create some hectic moments, but that is part of using these tactics.

Play the High Line

Defensively, Tottenham’s tactics defensively under Postecoglou have involved keeping a high line. Even when the team was down to nine players, they refused to sit deep. This goes against what most FM24 players are accustomed to doing.

But stepping up, keeping a high defensive line, and creating a high line of engagement when playing without the ball are all key components of this tactical setup. Keep in mind that this can make the defense vulnerable, especially if the center backs don’t have good awareness and recovery speed. However, that’s all part of playing with these tactics.

What to Expect

If you are employing Tottenham’s and Postecoglou’s tactics properly in FM24, you should expect to score a lot of goals while also conceding your fair share of goals as well. After all, there are reasons why Tottenham has put together one of the longest consecutive goal streaks in Premier League history.

Outside of FM24, bettors may want to consider betting on Spurs to play high-scoring games. By using sportsbook promos for new users, you can sign up for a sportsbook and take advantage of Tottenham’s record-setting goal streak and defensive vulnerabilities. It’s not a sure thing, but a majority of Tottenham’s games this season have included goals by both teams.

That’s exactly what you should expect from these tactics in FM24. There will be goals galore on both sides. If that ends up happening, you’ll know that you’ve gotten Tottenham’s new tactics right.