Is David De Gea the best free agent on FM24?

david de gea playing for manchester united in 2021

While playing FM, many of us focus on attacking players, who will get us the goals to win games and silverware. That new young wonderkid forward is always likely to be exciting.

However, if you have a bad FM habit like me, sometimes signing players to keep the ball out of the back of the net is just as important.

A good goalkeeper is worth their weight in goals, and you can get a world-class goalkeeper for no fee on FM24. He is arguably the best free agent in the game. That player is Spanish goalkeeping icon David De Gea.

Why is De Gea without a club?

De Gea kept more clean sheets than any other goalkeeper in goalkeeper in the Premier League in season 2022/23, earning him the Golden Gloves award. He is still a world-class goalkeeper even at 32 (when the game begins).

Despite his status as last season’s best-performing Premier League goalkeeper, United seemed determined to get the Spaniard off their books last summer.

There are several reasons why United wanted to part ways with the goalkeeper. One was that he was reportedly on wages of £375,000 per week.

The other was that they saw an opportunity to sign a long-term replacement in the shape of Inter and Cameroon goalkeeper Andre Onana.

The signing of the 27-year-old looked good at the time, as he was impressive for Italian giants Inter. The former Ajax stopper is reportedly on £100,000 per week, which, while not a small wage packet, is still much less than his predecessor.

Losing De Gea and bringing in Onana may have made some mad sense to all connected with United last summer. However, considering Onana’s sometimes erratic form for the men from Manchester this season, it now looks like a questionable move.

Incredible stats on FM24 for a free agent

david de gea fm24 profile

Goalkeepers don’t age as badly as outfield players in real life or on FM24. So, signing a 32-year-old isn’t a big deal, especially when he has incredible stats.

His real-life ability is obviously reflected well in his FM 24 stats. All the good stats needed to be a world-class goalkeeper are there.

Here are his top attributes

  • Reflexes 19
  • Ability 17
  • Natural Fitness 17
  • Handling 16
  • Aerial Reach 16

Any goalkeeper with those stats would be a massive asset to your team on FM24.

How is he still a free agent?

I have to say that I can’t believe the former Manchester United stopper is still a free agent after leaving the Red Devils last summer.

He was expected to join another big club in the summer and then in the January transfer window. However, for whatever reason, the Spanish goalkeeper is still without a club.

Maybe De Gea is enjoying a break from football after being a professional for so long.

According to several different sources, he had a host of offers in the summer and January and decided against joining a new club.

He did sign one contract in the summer of 2023, as he married his fiancée Edurne. Maybe he is enjoying married life for a period before returning to the game when the right offer comes along.

The pros far outweigh the cons of signing De Gea

The signing of David De Gea looks like a no-brainer for any club in a top division of most of the major footballing countries. However, there are pros and cons to signing the Spaniard, although the pros far outweigh the cons

The two main cons are that he can command a massive wage. However, I have signed De Gea on a contract for around £70k per week, which was a bargain compared to his contract at United.

The biggest con is quite a big one, though, because he is a free agent, he is usually highly in-demand. If you are not a European or world superpower, it may be difficult to sign the talented ‘keeper.

In most of my saves, De Gea has moved to a club in Saudi Arabia. This is not surprising considering that Saudi clubs have flexed their financial muscles in real life by tempting some major stars, including Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, to join clubs in the Pro League.

The pros are obvious. The biggest one is that you are signing one of arguably the best goalkeepers in the world without a fee.

Also, like any self-respecting goalkeeper, De Gea usually plays well into his late 30s on FM24. His attributes don’t seem to drop quickly either, so he could be an excellent servant to your club for the first three or four years of your save.

In short, if you have the chance to sign David de Gea, and he is willing to join your club, then don’t hesitate to snap him up, as he could well be the best signing you make on the game.

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