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Hi, I'm a big Football Manager and Liverpool addict. Here I share my Football Manager save experiences.
The Ultimate Journey

Moving to Asia

The Ultimate Journey

Bye Bye Australia

The Ultimate Journey

False Hope

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#FM16 : How to Build a Club (part five)

What do they say about the best laid plans?  I can never remember.  Yet fear not, this is not the beginning of a long winded post about how everything is falling apart, more an honest appraisal of how not everything goes to plan! One of...

#FM17 : The Libero : A Total Defending Approach

  Call it a hipster approach if you wish, but I firmly believe in the fact that the FM tactical creator as well as the ME allow you to explore to great depth the immense complexity of this game, even though we will probably never see complaints...

#FM17 | Taste The Feeling Episode 17 | England here we come..

According to our current 5 year plan it’s now time to add a club in England. We’ve successfully implemented our footballing network so far, and this is the next and most important step for our plan for world domination of the footballing world, so...

Searching The Stats 3.6

Searching the Stats
Episode 6 - Attacking Playmaker Part 2 Episode 1 - Introduction and full-backs Episode 2 - Centre-backs Episode 3 - BWM + B2B Midfielders Episode 4 - CM (Su) Episode 5 - AP (Su) Last episode we recruited a creative attacking playmaker, this week we’re after another, but this time...

Run, Forest! Run! Part 15: Aug – Oct 2017

Run Forest Run
And so we start our first Premier League season in 17 years. Everything but relegation will be considered a success. I expect to win few matches, cry a lot and having a horrible time. But it’s the Premier League! Gary Lineker talks about us...