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An Alternative Guide to Alternative Leagues: Liga MX

We move up further north in the Americas as I introduce you to Mexican football and the Liga MX in Football Manager. The Liga MX is a very competitive league with a lot more resources than South America. The league has 18 teams and...

CM0102: Walking in a Windsor Wonderland – ECQ 2004 Part 1

So, after a less than stellar start to my Northern Ireland career, we now prepare for the first full campaign under my control. It is at this point that virtual life truly splits from reality as our fixtures now follow a different path from...

#FM17 : Hope of Hapoel 1.7: For the long term

  My first morning at Hapoel Ashkelon FC has been so productive – contracts offered to physios, scouts, and a goalkeeping coach, that I decided to go out to lunch. There’s a little place around the corner that serves falafel with a good glass of...

Tempo Tactics: 5-3-2 Ćiro’s Croatia

Tempo Tactics
“If he ever becomes a real football player I’ll eat my coaching diploma” - Miroslav "Ćiro" Blažević Between the ‘96 Euros in England and France ‘98, one international football team captured my heart and pocket money bets. The epitome of the dark horse, Croatia were...

Q&A with ^AH

To The Promised Land
Monday saw the third in our series of creator Q&A sessions, this week with Anthony Haynes, writer of 'The Promised Land'. As usual we asked the questions in the HTP channel on the FMSlack. If you are not signed up all ready it is...