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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm 22 years old, live in Germany and I started playing Football Manager a couple of years ago. When I'm not screaming at virtual human beings, I support Tottenham and Schalke.

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How to choose the best role for your fullbacks

Kyle Walker
Almost everyone needs them. Almost everyone wants them. They do a lot of work and their role has changed a lot in recent past. I am – of course – talking about fullbacks. Some teams obviously play with three Central Defenders, turning the fullbacks...

#FM17 | The Tempo Skin

  When the full version of new Football Manager game is released, many new custom skins are produced around the FM community through various forums and sites. There are skins with size more than 100MB with plenty of custom graphics, background pictures, icons and many...

The Boys of Borussia Part XI

The Boys of Borussia
Folks, I warned you in the last piece that history might be on the cards. Well, was history made? And what is exactly is this history I speak of? Read Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X here. Very simply, Dortmund II have never won 3.Liga....

How Game Time Affects Development

FM17 Experiments
Make sure to follow @OffThePitchFM on Twitter. Almost all long term one-club saves on Football Manager have some focus on developing youth. Almost everyone loves seeing one of their own players coming through the ranks, and almost everyone loves talking about youth development. Thanks to the...

#FM17 | 15 Scottish players you MUST sign!

I'm not an expert at many things. When it comes to Football Manager though, I like to think that I know Scottish football. I'm from here, I live here, and I'd much rather watch or go to a Scottish football match than have to view...