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Damon McKnight

I'm a 25-year-old American who's been playing Football Manager since FM14. As a Dallas-Fort Worth resident, MLS team FC Dallas is the team I support. I offer in advance my sincerest apologies for the fact that I play my game in US English and may accidentally call the sport "soccer" in my posts.

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Know Your Role: How to Find the Right False-Nine

Tempo Tactics
Following on from the deep dive into the Advanced Playmaker (attack) and how to spot the right player for the role, we now move on to an equally exciting role within any team, the false nine. Much has been...

A Guide to the Wide Playmaker

While my last role piece was about the Poacher, a role that most people are probably somewhat familiar with because of real football, this one is about a role that does somewhat exist in real football but most people would probably struggle if they...

Know Your Role: Segundo Volante

Football Manager 2021
The Segundo Volante literally means (as per Google Translate), “Second Steering Wheel” or “Second Balance”. The idea being that a Segundo Volante is utilised as the second player in a double pivot, alongside a regista or a deep-lying midfielder – where the...

Know Your Role: Supporting Target Man

Tempo Tactics
Football Manager is a game with two distinct schools of tactical setups. You either create a tactic but tweak it to fit your players, or you create a tactic and shoehorn your players in (or indeed purchase new ones to fit the...

#FM16 : How to Build a Club

Following the interest in my “How to Win Promotion” piece, I’ve been encouraged to take things a little further and look into how I build a club. What does “building a club” even mean? To me it breaks down into three areas.   Where you are now What...