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Freelance journalist with an unhealthy obsession for Football Manager. Prone to tactical meltdowns, overexcitement and annoying rival managers. Arsenal fan for my sins.

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Know Your Role: The Half Back

Tempo Tactics
One of the most underrated player roles in Football Manager, the Half Back provides serious stability to any midfield. The role of the half back is almost entirely defensive, designed to be a screen to the defence, preventing any attacks from coming...

Know Your Role: Segundo Volante

Football Manager 2021
The Segundo Volante literally means (as per Google Translate), “Second Steering Wheel” or “Second Balance”. The idea being that a Segundo Volante is utilised as the second player in a double pivot, alongside a regista or a deep-lying midfielder – where the...

A Guide to the Head of Youth Development

Youth Intake day is one of the most exciting days in football manager. We look forward to it every season, hoping for that next superstar. There is not a lot more satisfying than seeing your youngster turn into a world class player. Your youth...

Recreating Klopp’s Tactics in FM17

Jurgen Klopp has been winning praise for the way he aims to be only the 3rd manager to take Liverpool into the top 4 within the last 10 years, but is it possible to replicate his “heavy metal” style of football in FM17? To work...

Eibar: An Analytics Story Part 5 – Looking at the Midfield

Eibar An Analytics Story
Hey, it’s Eibar time again. Since we last met we have only played four games but as I said these Midweek updates are more about certain pieces of Analysis. Today we will take a look at two of our Midfield Players who have featured...