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Freelance journalist with an unhealthy obsession for Football Manager. Prone to tactical meltdowns, overexcitement and annoying rival managers. Arsenal fan for my sins.

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Serbian Supremacy

Zdravo and welcome back to Totally Rad (how nineties am I?) last time out we were looking at our new team, the aptly named FK Rad, and going through our philosophy and plans for Serbian domination. Well since then we have played our pre-season...

Play Like: Ancelotti’s Milan 2007

Football Manager 2021
This new series will take you through how to evoke the memories of classic teams over the years, recreating their tactics in Football Manager to (hopefully) win games and (definitely) have fun in the process. Club sides, international teams,...

#FM17 | Hartlepool United | The Triumph of the Pass | Introduction

Recently, I've been reading a lot. Reading Jonathan Wilson's revised and updated Inverting the Pyramid. Reading Marti Perarnau's Pep Confidential. Reading Chris Anderson & David Sally's The Numbers Game. And, reading lots, and lots, and lots of posts from the #wearethecommunity tag on twitter. All of these...

Taste the Feeling : FC Coca Cola : 1.0

Introduction This is my first attempt at a FM series, despite playing FM and writing many articles on football down the years. I will be going in-depth on how a company can set-up a footballing empire to rival the likes of Red Bull, using aspects...

Tactical Balance in FM17

Tempo Tactics
Follow @DistanceCovered on Twitter for more. Introduction People enjoy playing Football Manager for different reasons, such as signing players, managing their favourite clubs or winning major trophies. Personally, I consider the tactical side of the game to be hugely rewarding, and it adds a completely different...