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Old timer when it comes to all things Championship Manager and Football Manager. It all started in 1992 and I managed to get myself clean by 2001. Then it all started again with FM15... Author of "Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager" - available on Amazon - and contributor to The Men Who Stare At Goals Oh, and I was that guy in the "We Are The Managers" video. Viva Espana!

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Eibar: An Analytics Story Part 5 – Looking at the Midfield

Eibar An Analytics Story
Hey, it’s Eibar time again. Since we last met we have only played four games but as I said these Midweek updates are more about certain pieces of Analysis. Today we will take a look at two of our Midfield Players who have featured...

Know Your Role: Sweeper Keeper

Tempo Tactics
Like any position on the pitch, it’s not enough to just stick a good goalkeeper between the sticks – they need to fit your tactical style. Personally, I like to play with a high line, at a high tempo, although this can...

Tempo Tactics The Glesga KISS: Big Man – Little Man

Tempo Tactics
Years ago, when I was learning more about designing a website's User Experience, I was introduced to the acronym KISS - a phrase that has stuck in my mind more than most things I have learned and one that I believe is suitable in...

Play Like: Ancelotti’s Milan 2007

Football Manager 2021
This new series will take you through how to evoke the memories of classic teams over the years, recreating their tactics in Football Manager to (hopefully) win games and (definitely) have fun in the process. Club sides, international teams,...

Taste the Feeling : FC Coca Cola : 1.0

Introduction This is my first attempt at a FM series, despite playing FM and writing many articles on football down the years. I will be going in-depth on how a company can set-up a footballing empire to rival the likes of Red Bull, using aspects...