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Old timer when it comes to all things Championship Manager and Football Manager. It all started in 1992 and I managed to get myself clean by 2001. Then it all started again with FM15... Author of "Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager" - available on Amazon - and contributor to The Men Who Stare At Goals Oh, and I was that guy in the "We Are The Managers" video. Viva Espana!

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Development strategy, hummus, and taboon bread

To The Promised Land
It’s summer time. The off season. The backroom team are all off doing their own thing. But I give our data analyst, Ofir Yeruham, a call to see whether he’s in town. I want to review the club development strategy and want to see whether...

Adapting Aspects of Moneyball into Football Manager

Adapting Aspects of ‘Moneyball’ into Football Manager Follow @DistanceCovered on Twitter. The Real-World Concept After gaging initial opinions on the concept of ‘Moneyball’, it was evident that it’s a very sensitive issue and people have varying perceptions on the definition of the theory and what it involves....

Sturgeon’s Delight

Brexit means Brexit
Welcome back to Brexit Means Brexit. Last time, our second summer window of this story had just slammed shut, so it's only right that we revisit the Celtic Brexit Challenge as the winter window opens. That's right – Christmas 2017 has just finished, so...

#FM17 : One Hit Wonder in Athens : Tactics

  Hello everybody and welcome to my guest piece on The Higher Tempo Press. Maybe some of you know me and my blog so you know my main save in FM17 is the save with Reading FC. During recent three weeks I played this save...

Disciple of the Rafalution, Tactical Prelude 1

The Gospel according to Rafa Tactical Prelude 1 Rafa Benitez was an obsessive when it came to tactics & preparation. As a child, Rafa played Stratego, a military-based board game where players were tasked with out-manoeuvring their opponents. It was this same mentality that Rafa brought...