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My name is Ponzie and I once won the Champions League three years in a row with Sporting Lokeren. That was in CM 99/00. Since then my FM gaming has gone downhill. Now I'm on a mission to make the Sassari Torres men's team walk in the giant footsteps of the club's ladies' team. Stay tuned for history in the making.

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A Guide to the Poacher

Filippo Inzaghi
The Poacher is a peculiar role. Everyone has probably used it at some point in their FM career but apart from the good old “Little N Large” combo, there isn’t much most FM players can tell you about that role. I have used it...

Know your Role: Advanced Playmaker (Attack)

Tempo Tactics
Analysing the role of the Advanced Plamaker in FM20, and how you can identify the next Frank Lampard for your team.

How to choose the best role for your fullbacks

Kyle Walker
Almost everyone needs them. Almost everyone wants them. They do a lot of work and their role has changed a lot in recent past. I am – of course – talking about fullbacks. Some teams obviously play with three Central Defenders, turning the fullbacks...

Episode 131 – Pep and his half-time team talks

Chris of (@tenpotatoesfm) and James Jones of (@jamesjonesfm) talk about what happens at halftime on FM18. With Pep leading twice in the last week, there is no doubt that he told City "not to be complacent" rather than aggressively reminding them that "they...

A Guide to the Head of Youth Development

Youth Intake day is one of the most exciting days in football manager. We look forward to it every season, hoping for that next superstar. There is not a lot more satisfying than seeing your youngster turn into a world class player. Your youth...