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How to choose the best role for your fullbacks

Kyle Walker
Almost everyone needs them. Almost everyone wants them. They do a lot of work and their role has changed a lot in recent past. I am – of course – talking about fullbacks. Some teams obviously play with three Central Defenders, turning the fullbacks...

Digging through Data: Ep5 – Box to Box Midfielders

Tempo Tactics
Continuing our exploration into how best to process data in FM, we need to fill the final two midfield slots in our side. The last episode saw the recruitment of the regista, the next step is to find the two box to...

Know Your Role: Ball -Winning Midfielder

Football Manager 2021
The ball-winning midfielder, particularly with the defend duty, is perhaps one of the easiest players to identify for your team. However, making sure you get the right balance of tough tackling and hyper-aggression, all within the right system, is key to advancing...


Welcome to part three of my journey through Football Manager 16 with Rayo Vallecano of Spain. If you are reading this having already read the first two parts then I commend you. If however you have just stumbled across this then you can find...

How to give your club an identity in FM

Rise Like Bournemouth, Fall Like Barca On Tuesday June 14th 2016, the European Championships featured the Icelandic national team for the first time. Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about Iceland’s performance saying “When they don’t try to play and just defend, defend, defend, this in my opinion...