#FM16 : Foggia dei Miracoli II


Foggia, you are doing funny things to me and we barely even know each other.

You might be wondering what I am doing in the south of Italy, but I am following in the footsteps of one of my all time favourite coaches, Zdeněk Zeman.  If you haven’t already, read the previous post which explains a little bit more.

I decided on FMT as my laptop is currently slower than Joleon Lescott on the turn, and my word I am enjoying the simplicity of it all.

The point of this post is simple – for me to brain dump how I am thinking of structuring the first season of posts for you.

I don’t really want to rehash the entire “How to Build a Club” thing, or “How to Win Promotion” so if you read up on those posts you probably have an idea how about how I am setting myself up at Foggia.

I feel my “Searching the Stats” methodology could probably do with a live refresh, so there will definitely be a section on that as we reach the winter transfer window where we may, or may not, do some business.  If we don’t, we will definitely be looking ahead to potential signings for the second season.

I’ll definitely be doing a quick overview on the “Balancing the Books” part at the club too – my initial guestimates have given me an interesting scenario.

One of the main parts to this save is the tactical approach – I am honouring Zeman after all, so I will attempt to show you the tactic with a teeny bit of analysis thrown in too or, more likely, some YouTube clips so you can see it for yourselves.

I’m already in November on the save – FMT is super speedy, it has even allowed my shitheap of a laptop to rengage with a bit of 3D action which is making the all-out attacking football very nice to watch.

As this save has been planned with a view to emulating Zeman, there is every chance it will end up being another “end-of-season round-up” type write up longer term.  However, I am keen to make the first season somewhat foundation setting otherwise you’ll get as bored as quickly as I will.

So for those not paying attention…

  • Season One:  Balancing the Books, StS, Tactic and end of season round-up
  • Season Two:  Summer recruitment & aims, end of season round-up
  • Season Three:  Review of where the club is at in terms of finance, status etc, create a longer term plan for the save

That’ll do for now – and to be honest, this was probably more for me than you.  Still, it might be useful to know what is coming up next.

A slight spoiler – the first two league games ended 5-2, so it looks like the Zeman philosophy of goals, entertainment and worry about results later is already in flow.  I won’t tell you who won just yet.



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