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Tactic Testing: RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

THTP tactics testing RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343
We are back with our latest tactic test for FM24. This one is topical, as the latest tactic we tested was RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343. As the name suggests, RDF sought to recapture the success that highly rated Portuguese head coach Ruben Amorim has...

Top players that are out of my reach in FM24

goalkeeper trying to make a save ball just out of reach going into the top corner of the goal
The aim of any FM player or save is to ultimately build a highly successful team and dominate the game for years. Signing top-quality players obviously aids this journey to success. However, for me, there are players that I just never seem to be able...

Top German wonderkids in FM24

football painted with germany flag close up on grass sky background
Germany, a nation with a rich footballing history, has consistently produced top-quality young players. Their impressive record of winning international trophies is a testament to the quality of their players. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite German wonderkids on FM24, including...

The Soccer Scouting Process: An Explainer

youth football players scouting process
Football talent doesn’t grow on trees. It tends to be spotted on the ground. Or that was the theory. This is when the work of the soccer scout comes into its own. There is a multitude of talent out there, but the ways of...

How Close is Football Manager to Management in the Real Game?

Football Manager Football Image
While football is a sport and Football Manager is a game about the sport, the pair represent two distinct yet interconnected facets of the beautiful game. While one unfolds on the pitch with raw athleticism and real-life drama, the other immerses its digital players...