#FM17 : Graphics Requests!



If you are anything like me, doing anything more than using SmartShirt Designer to create some kits makes my head hurt.  God, then the song and dance with the config files.  Even trying to come up with a decent graphic to represent the save hurts.

So, we recruited @fm0tter to the team and we are going to run a weekly requests piece for you all.

Each week we will commission one piece of #FM17 graphics work for you – do you want some cool kits making, a header for your FM blog, a tracksuit for your manager, well anything really.

All you have to do to enter is comment a below, and the person with most creative idea or reason as to why @fm0tter should make yours will be chosen.  Make your begging letter interesting or funny, otherwise you will be bottom of the pile.

Good luck – and remember, those of you following @thehighertempo and @fm0tter on Twitter and are subscribed to the email list might just find themselves getting priority…

Chris (@comeontheoviedo)

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