Hopped it to Hamburg Part XXXV: A poem


I hate saying goodbye so I thought it would be better for my good FM friend @fmgrasshopper put into words what is happening to Hamburg.

After all, he can explain it so much better than I.

“The legend of Darwen, an FM18 story that needed to be told,
From Mumbai madness to Hamburg, in a backdrop of Wagner’s Das Rheingold,

He found his Opera on the shores of the Elbe, hoping his story would be one people tell:
‘Hamburg are brilliant, they’ve risen again’, ‘Younger, hungrier players ARE 10/10’

But it’s Auf Wiedersehen to the wonderful Der Dino, Darwen’s next move? He’s playing it incognito,
For he’s found a challenge, it’s warm, cultured and sunny.

Is it IN Bristol?

Don’t be SO funny!”

Nice one Grasshopper, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

I’ll be back very soon with my next FM challenge…

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