Return of the sweeper 5.2

To The Promised Land

One of the players I’ve brought in – Gal Mio – can play sweeper.

As can one of the players I’ve had in on trial – Yarin Hasan. On that basis I decide in the pre-season friendlies to reintroduce my sweeper system.

Only that isn’t a very honest way of putting it, since it makes it sound as though I’ve genuinely been clear of my sweeper addiction, whereas of course I’ve merely been in remission.

Trouble is, I don’t trust Hasan. Too slow. And he gave away a penalty. But he was around long enough to get the addiction raging again.

So now I look at my squad and wonder whether I have anyone, other than Mio, who could play there.

For me, anticipation is a key attribute for sweepers so I rank my players according to that attribute. Hang on a minute, what about Haziza?

Haziza is, of course, very much an attacking player. I don’t suppose it’s ever occurred to him that he might end up playing sweeper. And, in truth, he’s far from ideal. Look at his tackling, for a start.

But if there’s one tactical idea that excites me more than playing with a sweeper, it’s playing with a libero.

‘Dolev, when you’ve finished training, drop into my office – I’ve had an idea’.

I don’t know why, but he looked alarmed when I said that.