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Notts County supporter, at least nominally. Regularly watch Stevenage, Cambridge Utd, and Peterborough. On FM, favour teams from the eastern Med, especially on Greek islands. Addicted to searching for liberos and to signing Darren Lavery. According to Liam Billington, I'm 'the Iniesta of Higher Tempo Press' :)

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Tempo Tactics The Glesga KISS: Big Man – Little Man

Tempo Tactics
Years ago, when I was learning more about designing a website's User Experience, I was introduced to the acronym KISS - a phrase that has stuck in my mind more than most things I have learned and one that I believe is suitable in...

Tempo Tactics: 5-3-2 Ćiro’s Croatia

Tempo Tactics
“If he ever becomes a real football player I’ll eat my coaching diploma” - Miroslav "Ćiro" Blažević Between the ‘96 Euros in England and France ‘98, one international football team captured my heart and pocket money bets. The epitome of the dark horse, Croatia were...

Five Tips for Premier League survival

So you actually did it. You’ve taken over a Championship side and managed to get promoted. A gruelling 46 game campaign ended in a ticket to the Promised Land. Congratulations! Well done! But the hardest part of the job has just started. As a...

Back in the USSR: Does May equal Promotion?

Five games and eight points. That's all that stands in the way of greatness, we're so close to promotion I can almost taste it. The pressure is mounting and the press are doing their best to ramp up the importance of every game. According to...

Canary Corner – Part 18

Greetings and welcome to the final update of season 6. Managing Norwich on CM01/02 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, usually around looking at our ever-fluctuating bank balance. I've never known a club lose so much money on a day to day basis. Anyway,...