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Football writer. Liverpool FC fan. Contributor to Anfield Index, Higher Tempo, FM Scout and Eat Sleep Drink Football. Currently operating under the alias of @DistanceCovered on Twitter. FM player since before '00.

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Tactics testing: 4141 Static-X Focus Striker by Delicious Story

THTP tactics 4141 static-x focus striker
After the massive success achieved by using 4231 Extreme Volts XIX in testing, we thought we would test another tactic created by the same creator Delicious Story in the shape of the 4141 Static-X Focus Striker. Having not been familiar with Delicious Story's work before...

4-2-3-1 Extreme Volts XIX by DeliciousStory: A tactic we love

THTP tactics 4-2-3-1 extreme volts xix
I am back with another tactic testing article or in this case a rare ‘tactic we love article’. Usually, I aim to give a bit of variety to the formations tested, trying to avoid doing the same formation on too many occasions, i.e., not...

Why is 3-5-2 such a popular FM formation?

3-5-2 football tactics strategy concept formation
In recent years the most popular FM formation has been the 4-2-3-1, which many have used to great effect to dominate the game. We have previously looked at the 4-2-3-1 formation and why it is so popular. However, there is another formation that has proven...

FM tactics testing: Joseph 3-5-2AMC by JosephVy

THTP tactics joseph 3-5-2
Our journey through FM23 tactics continues today as we review the Joseph 3-5-2 by JosephVy. I have to say, before I stumbled across this tactic on, I had never used a tactic by JosephVy, but after the results, I got from this tactic,...

Best Free Agents FM23

football player and ball outline with scribble doodles
It is nice to have a decent transfer budget in FM, but sometimes as a boss, you enter a club with a very small budget where you need to bring in players that can improve your team cheaply. That is where an excellent free...