Books : "Football Betting Tips & Systems: A Simple 6 Step Strategy"


I’ve always been a frustrated gambler, looking for that system that means I can beat the bookies and have that extra bit of cash in my back pocket.  Actually no, why am I playing it down?  Throughout my adult life I have dreamed of being a professional gambler, making enough each month not to worry about having a “real job.”


A couple of months ago I was sitting in a local café in Torrevieja and I got chatting to another ex-pat.  Naturally we got round to talking about what we’re doing out here and this guy told me that he made his money from gambling, and hadn’t lost a bet in over a month.  My ears pricked up and it started from there…



Chris:  Jim, thanks for taking some time away from the laptop and espresso to talk to me today.  I’m hoping that from this conversation we can shed some light on the book you have written – if you can class you talking at me for a day and me scribbling it all down writing a book!


Jim:  No worries mate, I’m actually quite nervous to be honest.  Not only had I never told anyone my system, I have definitely never been interviewed!


C:  Well as you already know, I’ll do all the work!  So tell us a little bit about your background before you became a “professional gambler.”


J:  As you know, quite similar to yourself.  I’m from London, and my career before I gave it all up was sales.  I’d always earned good money as I was half decent, but the daily grind was getting me down and I’d had enough.  Like loads of the guys I worked with, I spent my commission as fast as I earned it so I wasn’t sitting on a big nest egg.  I started gambling on football earsy ago, the usual stuff – dreaming of the big accumulator coming in.  Sometimes they came in, but mostly they didn’t.  It was in the last few months of working in London that I came up with this system and started testing it.


C:  So they system clearly started to work, what happened next?


J:  I was really excited – after three months of refining it I felt the system was bang on.  I started dreaming of giving up my job and following another dream, moving to Spain.  My family had a place out here, so I knew the area but I also knew that if I did move here I would cut my costs in half, compared to living in London.  I started to see that the system actually could make enough each month to pay for a life out here.  So I tested it for another two months putting down the stakes I would expect to place if I was doing it for real to pay Spanish rent.  Again, it continued to work – in the next two months I only lost two bets, and the profit exceeded what I would need to pay my way in the real world.


C:  So you just quit and moved?


J:  Basically, yes.  I walked out of my job on the Friday I was paid and got on a plane the next day!  I found somewhere to rent on the Monday and I trusted the system to work.  That was seven month ago now, and all the money I make comes from using my betting system.


C:  So if it is so great, and I know it is because I now follow it myself, why would you want to share it with the world?  Why not keep it to yourself?


J:  Well, the bookies make enough money don’t they?  At a guess, I would say 90% of people that gamble on football do it in a completely non-strategic, unorganised way with no rules.  They probably think they are organised and strategic, but just putting obvious winners in an acca is not that strategic.  How many people do you know that “nearly had their ten-fold come in” and one result let them down?  Exactly.  I want as many people as possible to realise that if you aim for lots and lots of smaller wins a day, then you can quickly start to build up a regular profit.  Luckily, I only really need to aim for £20 profit a day to have a nice simple life.


C:  Finally, let’s give it one big plug then – the first book officially published by The Higher Tempo Press.


J:  Ha, I like how you got your plug in first.  My book is called “Football Betting Tips & Systems: A Simple Six Step Strategy” – it really does do what it says.


C:  Jim, thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for showing me a way that I can make profit everyday.


You can buy “Football Betting Tips & Systems: A Simple Six Step Strategy” by Jim Whiteley on Amazon here, or if you prefer it in any other non-Kindle format you can buy it from The Higher Tempo Press here.