Guide to FM Abbreviations and Roles: Central Attacking Midfield Edition

pedro concalves

Today, we continue our series on FM abbreviations and roles. Having worked our way up the pitch, our focus is the central attacking midfield roles and the abbreviations for the said roles.

So, without further ado, here they are:

AM (Attacking Midfielder can be used on support and attack)

pedro concalves

Your standard Attacking Midfielder operates higher up the pitch than other midfielders. They are the players that aid the front players on support and sit in the hole. They are more likely to get into the box to score goals if on attack duty.

An Attacking Midfielder needs to be highly technical and have good mental stats, as he is required to create and score chances himself while avoiding the attention of the opposition players.


One of my favourite players to use in this role is Sporting CP and Portugal star Pedro Goncalves. He may set you back a hefty fee, but he is worth it for the amount of goals and assists he produces.

The fact that he is just 23 is also a bonus, as he can be in your team for an extended period.

AP (Advanced Player can be used on support and attack)

thiago almada

The Advanced Playmaker can operate in a deeper role, in this case, the number ten role, and also play out wide. They will drop into the hole between the opposition’s midfield and defence and make themselves available for their teammate’s passes, with the ultimate aim of creating chances for their team.

On Support duty, the AP will stay in the hole and look to spray passes to support players and forwards. While on Attack duty, the AP will look to run at the defensive line from deeper positions, aiming to craft out crossing or through ball opportunities as he moves into the final third.


For me, the AP is more creative than the AM. There are many players that suit this role in FM, such as Martin Odegaard, Kevin De Bruyne, Pedri and Phil Foden. However, those players are generally out of reach unless you are a team with vast resources.

The player I often sign to play the role is an FM favourite, Thiago Almada. The Argentinian youngster has been an FM favourite for the last few games. He has excellent passing, technique, flair and vision. The fact that he is now at Atlanta United makes his price tag slightly heftier than in previous games. However, he will repay the fee with goals and assists. He can also play out wide too, which is also a positive.

T (Trequartisa can only be used on attack)

lionel messi

The role is similar to the Advanced Playmaker’s, as he will drop into the hole between the opposition midfield and defence. However, the Trequartista has fewer defensive responsibilities and has a licence to drift from his position so that he can look for space and, ultimately, the ball.

They are something of a luxury player, as the rest of the team has to carry him. However, if they are used as the main attacking outlet, then the team can reap the rewards.


The ultimate player for the Trequartista position is the great Lionel Messi, as the role suits him down to the ground, especially in the twilight of his career.

One player who could fit the role well in the future is Copenhagen wonderkid Roony Bardghji. However, at the start of the game, he is too young to make an immediate impact.

EG (Enganche can only be used on Support duty)

brahim diaz

The Enganche is the side’s prime creator, a hook that joins the midfield and attack while operating in the number ten role.

They are a playmaker who sticks to their position and becomes a pivot to their team as they move around them. Unlike a Trequartista, the Enganche remains in his position and remains a focal point instead of moving around looking for space.


The likes Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne and Lionel Messi can play in this role. However, a cheaper option that I have used in the Enganche role is Real Madrid and Argentina youngster Brahim Diaz.

He can be an absolute bargain in the second season. He has now returned to Real Madrid after a loan spell at Milan, so it’s hard to tell what his price will be if you are using an updated database.

SS (Shadow striker can only be used in attack)

florian wirtz

The FM Role description states: The Shadow Striker operates as one of the team’s goalscoring threats. They usually play alongside another forward, offering support to the attacking players.

The SS will aggressively push up the field into goalscoring positions as the ball moves into the final third and looks to close down opposing defenders when out of possession.


Like other attacking midfield positions, many players can operate as a Shadow Striker, such as once again Neymar and Goncalves.

However, one player I have had success with in this position has been Bayer Leverkusen starlet Florian Wirtz. The German international not only has good technical and attacking attributes but also has decent other stats like work rate and teamwork.

He can be expensive, but if you can sign him for a reasonable fee, then Wirtz would be my go-to to fill the position of Shadow Striker.

Which Attacking Midfield role do you favour in your FM23 saves?