The best directors of football in FM23

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In Football Manager, the Director of Football is not a crucial role in achieving success. In real life, they typically hire the manager, in the game, you can hire or fire them.

However, you cannot do everything yourself, so you can rely on the Director of Football to make your life easier. One way this can be achieved is through selling players.

By adding players to the “to sell” list, the Director of Football will find a suitable club willing to meet your demands. This saves you the hassle of having to offer players to clubs yourself.

Here are our picks of Directors of Football, in no particular order, that can be helpful in your quest for FM23 domination:

Paul Mitchell (Monaco, Reputation 3.5 stars)

best director of football paul mitchell

The former Southampton has gained a reputation as one of the best in the business when it comes to talent spotting. Mitchell established a reputation as a chief scout before becoming Director of Football at Monaco in 2020.

Like with most personnel in the game, Mitchell’s real-life stats and reputation are reflected well in FM23, as he has all the critical attributes of a top Director of Football.

Key stats:

  • Judging Player Ability 18
  • Judging Player Potential 18
  • Negotiating 14

His all-around stats are impressive, and he is usually high on my wanted list when looking to hire a director of football. Mitchell’s extensive knowledge of both English and German football is a big plus too.

He will cost around £ 2 million in compensation at the start of the game. This could be money well spent in the long term for what Mitchell brings to the role.

Monchi (Sevilla, Reputation 4 stars)

best director of football monchi

Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo, better known as ‘Monchi’, is the cream of the crop when it comes to the Director of Football role. The 53-year-old is regarded as the man behind Sevilla’s growth in the 2000s.

He spent a short unhappy spell at Roma between 2017-2019 but returned to Andalusia in 2019. Monchi is good, but he also comes at a hefty cost, as compensation for his services can cost up to £ 4 million.

Key stats

  • Judging Player Ability 18
  • Judging Player Potential 19
  • Negotiating 17

You would be hard-pressed to find a Director of Football with better overall stats than the Spaniard. If you are willing to pay the compensation fee, then he can be a great addition to any club. Like Mitchell, he has extensive knowledge of multiple countries, including Italy and, of course, his homeland Spain.

Michael Edwards (Unemployed, Reputation 4 stars)

best director of football michael edwards

Edwards is highly regarded in the football world for his excellent performance at Liverpool from 2016 until 2022. He worked tirelessly alongside Reds head coach Jurgen Klopp to help create the team that won multiple trophies, including the Champions League and Premier League.

The 42-year-old’s stats on the game are spot on, as pound for pound, he is up there with Monchi and Mitchell in the Director of Football role.

Key stats

  • Judging Player Ability 17
  • Judging Player Potential 17
  • Negotiating 19

Many factors make Edwards an excellent choice for your DOF. The first is obviously that his stats are strong. However, one of the main attractions of Edwards is that he is a free agent due to taking time off following his spell at Liverpool.

If you can afford his wages and are not managing Everton or Manchester United, then Edwards is an almost perfect appointment.

Rouven Schroder (Unemployed, 2.5 stars)

best director of football rouven schroder

While he may not have the same profile within the game in real life as the others on this list, Schroder is an excellent Director of Football. His stats are excellent, and he won’t necessarily demand massive wages. In fact, in key areas, his stats are better than some on this list.

Key stats

  • Judging Player Ability 18
  • Judging Player Potential 19
  • Negotiating 17

Like Edwards, Schroder is a free agent, having left Schalke in 2022. His free-agent status and excellent stats make him an attractive signing. His extensive knowledge of football in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland adds to his appeal.

Jochen Sauer (Bayern Munich, 2.5 stars)

best director of football jochen sauer

The German is the head of youth development at Bayern Munich. However, he has previously worked as a director of football at Wolfsburg while also being a managing director at both Hertha Berlin and RB Salzburg. His stats are certainly of a top Director of Football, despite his slightly underwhelming 2.5-star rating.

Key Stats

  • Judging Player Ability 19
  • Judging Player Potential 20
  • Negotiating 18

Sauer’s stats are amongst the best of any of the personnel on this list. However, one problem is attempting to prise him away from Bavaria. His compensation is usually between £600,000-800,000, which is a bargain if you can manage to persuade him to leave Bayern. His main countries of expertise are his homeland and Austria.

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