Tactics Testing: 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa by Matias 1996

THTP tactics 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa

We are back with another tactic test, and the last for FM23, as a leak on the EPIC Launcher had the release date of the FM24 beta as 19th October. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, only time will tell.

The latest tactic we are testing is 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa by Matias 1996. The tactic produced highly respectable results.

The conditions of the tactic

The test was conducted with an updated database downloaded via the Steam workshop from FMInside.net if you want to update your game.

I started the game with Everton, who had a predicted finish of 12th place and holidayed an entire season. As is usually the case, the tactic overperformed the predicted finish position.

What is the tactical set-up?

tactics 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa

Despite the name of the tactic, the formation is more of a 3-4-2-1 than a 5-2-1-2 and uses a positive mentality. In goal is a sweeper keeper on defend, with two ball-playing defenders and a central defender on cover.

Further forward, a ball-winning midfielder on defend and a volante on attack are flanked by two complete wing-backs on support. An advanced forward on attack duty is supported by a shadow striker and an advanced playmaker both on attack.

If you look at the screenshot of the tactic, many of the players built strong relationships all over the pitch. This tactic suited the available players and helped forge those good relationships.

How did the tactic perform?

table 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa

This tactic overperformed by helping the team finish fifth place in the table after a predicted finish of 12th place. They were only three points off finishing in the Champions League spot.

For me, this tactic was expertly well-balanced, as the team attacked well but was not majorly poor in defence. The fact that Everton were the fourth top goalscorers in the league illustrated how well it performed in attack. Having the seventh-best defence in the league was not a disaster either, as the teams with better defensive records also finished in the league’s top seven.

last 5 games table 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa

One major weakness was that the team finished the campaign poorly, as they failed to win any of their final five league matches, picking up just two draws and suffering three defeats. This is mainly down to the lack of depth in the Everton squad, so the tactic cannot get all the blame for the poor finish to the campaign.

The cup competitions produced very little of note. The team exited the FA Cup at the hands of arch-rivals Liverpool in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup and the Quarter final of the Carabao Cup.

Who were the top performers using this tactic?

squad 5-2-1-2 DP OP Niestandardowa

This tactic definitely brought out the best in some of the squad, including players who don’t always shine in these tactic tests. Firstly, as always in FM, forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin shone, scoring 45 goals in just 44 appearances and producing three assists. Unsurprisingly, he topped the charts for the average season rating at 7.61.

One player who doesn’t usually shine so brightly or even see much playing time, Dele had an outstanding season playing as a shadow striker, which in real life is arguably his best position. The former Spurs star scored 22 goals and produced 16 assists while picking up a season rating of 7.39.

Another player who thrived while using this tactic was promising full-back Nathan Patterson. The Scottish international has shown flashes of his attacking ability for the Toffees. Still, using this tactic, he produced an impressive 17 assists in 39 appearances, picking up a season average of 7.01.

His fellow complete wing-back Vitaliy Mykolenko was also productive going forward, as the Ukrainian also managed seven assists, which is a decent record for a player who struggles going forward at times.

Loan star Arnaut Danjuma usually produces decent numbers in tactic testing and my personal saves. The Dutchman enjoyed a good season playing in the advanced playmaker role, scoring 11 goals and producing 14 assists, leading to his season average rating of 7.19.

Forward Beto was restricted to just three starts and 14 substitute appearances, with Calvert-Lewin first-choice in the advanced forward role. However, he still scored eight goals and picked up a respectable season-average rating of 7.17.

No other players’ stats really stood out using this tactic, but the players that did shine seemed to suit their roles perfectly.

What is my conclusion on this tactic?

This tactic was a good, overperforming, well-balanced tactic that could produce a decent result with most teams. However, there is a caveat in the fact that this tactic is pretty high-intensity, so I would imagine you would need decent squad depth.

If you have the squad to pull it off, then this tactic is perfect to bring your team success. I may well try this tactic when FM24 is released, especially if I can manage a team with a deep squad.

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