Appointing an assistant manager: Anglo-Saxan Chronicles 52


Previously I set out my procedure for appointing an assistant manager at FC Saxan:

  1. Search for the following attributes: judging ability; tactical knowledge; man management; and working with youngsters.
  2. Check the personality.
  3. Check the overall approach to the game.
  4. Check that the determination and discipline attributes are not too bad.
  5. Check they can contribute to at least one of the following areas of coaching: defence; attack; and shooting.

Here, in the event, is what I came up with:

In the light of the above procedure, I’d assess Iurie as ‘not too bad at anything he’ll be required to do’.

I’m pleased about two things:

  1. he’s good at working with youngsters, which I’m not;
  2. he’s not wedded to particular ways of playing (playing style, mixed) and he’s adaptable, so he’ll probably adapt to however I want us to play.

His preferred marking style is ‘mixed’, which particularly suits me as I’m likely to use zonal marking for defending corners and man-marking elsewhere.

I can’t get really enthusiastic about bringing him in but realistically he’s the best option now. I tell the press how excited I am, whilst silently thinking, ‘It’s a one-year contract’.

All about compromises.