Our protocol for acquiring physios: Anglo-Saxan Chronicle 21


Here is the protocol that I use, as manager of FC Saxan, for acquiring physios.

  1. Check the personality. If unsatisfactory (e.g. ‘unsporting’), abort.
  1. Check whether the physiotherapy attribute meets the threshold for the club? If yes, shortlist, If not, abort.
  2. Rank the shortlisted physios initially on the basis of their physiotherapy attribute.
  3. Then consider whether any of the following provide case for over-riding the above ranking:
    1. personality: a physio with a particularly desirable personality (e.g. ‘professional’) may be preferable, even if the physiotherapy attribute is not the highest;
    2. mental strengths (especially determination and discipline);
    3. potential: someone at or near the start of their career may be able to improve by studying for badges.
  4. Having re-ordered the shortlist in the light of the above considerations, opt for the physio who is least well-known, on the basis that he is likely to be least expensive and least likely to be poached.
  5. But before offering a contract, check that the physio speaks the language, since the expense of a language course may well prove prohibitive.

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