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Here’s an idea that I find interesting but my sons find ridiculously boring.

Staff holidays. On FM managers can take holidays but other staff can’t.

‘Yes, I know you were looking forward to spending the half-term break with the family, but I need a back-up right back and I have a hunch that Albania’s the place to find one.’

‘Right, boss. As it happens, I have a suitcase packed.’

This turns us all into exploiters of labour. Who are we, then, to criticise Mike Ashley?

Each member of staff should have a holiday allowance built into their contract.

‘You wouldn’t see this at Sports Direct: so much excessive light! So much wasted space!’ – comment attributed (unconfirmed) to Mike Ashley. Image made available under creative commons licence by Marissaorton; source – http://www.neontommy.com/news/2011/12/alta-gracia-apparel-alternative-usc-s-licensing-deal-nike