#FM17 | Hull City | A Tactical Crusade | Episode 1


As a new and undeveloped (another word for crap) manager I tend to find myself bowing to the whim of the tactical genius that is my assistant manager, sticking the players I have in a formation they are adamant will win us games, of course, this ultimately fails and I find myself down the job centre whilst he remains in place ready for his next victim.

Well no more I’ve had my fair share of dole cheques and I believe it’s time to be a man and experiment with my own tactics, this will most likely result in me being back where I started but at least I’m trying, I guess.

My tactical crusade takes me to the UK city of culture for 2017, yes you guessed it I’m in Hull! How in the world I got a Premier League job is beyond me but I’m not going to let it get to me, I have work to do.

As I walk into my new office I feel a sense of pride a ‘look at me now’ moment, if only my parents could see me, I would call them but I don’t want them to think I’m asking for money again. I sit down at my desk and find a note in my drawer, it says ‘whoever reads this get out whilst you still can! MP’ I don’t know who this could be from so I just throw it in the bin and get on with checking my squad, this is a Premiership team so I’m expecting some fit and able superstars in my ranks.

What the hell happened here! Are we running a hospital on the side? that’s most of my back line and half of my goalkeeping staff out injured. I’ve inherited a sorry sight of a squad, no wonder I was told to get out whilst I still could by MP, whoever this enigma is he’s a wise man.

I need to start working on what I want out of this team, what tactic I should be playing, what season goals I need to set and most importantly, try and sign some players who aren’t half broke. But I’m going to leave all that until tomorrow, I feel I deserve an early finish after visiting all my players in the physio room, it was easier to bring the fit ones in there than have to cart stretchers and wheelchairs through our tiny halls to the dressing room.

This is going to be interesting, I’m off down the pub.

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