#FM17 | Hapoel Hope 1.50 | Shipping players out


Once you’ve lost faith in a player, there are few pleasures greater than getting them out the door. Unfortunately, the most annoying have the habit of turning down offers from other clubs, on the basis that they were put on earth merely to plague you.

Hadad, the playmaker who felt entitled to a first-team place at Hapoel Ashkelon FC, without ever showing why, duly turned down the club I’d agreed terms with. I went for the nuclear option, telling him he wouldn’t be registered for out squad after the window. I’m told this is high-risk ─ that the player might tell you he’s happy to draw his wages whilst sitting round doing nothing ─ but so far it’s worked for me.

It worked with Hadad: we didn’t get further offers but he agreed to mutual termination of his contract. YES!

I used the nuclear option again to off-load two lumbering defenders; Haim Itsrin (by mutual consent) and Kobi Ben-Hemo on a loan until the end of his contract.

And then Tomer ‘I don’t agree: I think I’m playing well’ Swisa agreed terms with Sha’araim. I don’t get any money for him and have to agree to subsidise his wages, but neither of those thoughts are in my mind as I watch his car turn out of the training ground for the last time.

You were blessed with talent, Tomer, but you seemed to have a principled objection to using it. Leaving has been your most welcome contribution.