#FM17 | The Alphabet Challenge | Introduction


#FM17’s been out for a while now and I may speak for a few people here but I’ve really enjoyed it. There’ve been subtle improvements to the game which I’ve quite enjoyed. However, as of late, I’ve gotten rather bored of the game. My Club and Country save with Beitar Jerusalem and Israel was incredible fun at the start but my team’s dominance in the league meant that it got boring very quickly to the extent that I’ve decided to hold off playing that save for a while. In the meantime, here’s what I have in mind for my posts on the Higher Tempo Press

The Alphabet Challenge is right up there with the hardest challenges in FM along with the British Steel Challenge. For those of you who don’t know, the purpose of the save is to win the league title with a country beginning with ‘A’ first at the beginning of the save. Once you do this, you move onto the next part of the challenge which is winning the league in a country beginning with ‘B’, then a country beginning with ‘C’ and so on. The challenge ends when you win the league with a country beginning with ‘Z’.

Now I am going to genuinely try to accomplish this challenge no matter how long it takes. I’ve made a personal vow to myself that I will not buy the next edition of FM (FM18) until I have completed this challenge. This is going to be an incredibly long challenge and I fully realise that. However, I can’t wait to get stuck into it. )Note that there is no country beginning with X in the world. Therefore, I will have to win the league title in either Mexico or Luxembourg, which are the only two countries with an X in their names)

A massive shout out to Claassen for his incredible database which is what I’ll be using for this save.

Here’s the countries I’ve included into this save, which are to be added at various stages of the save

Here are the countries that I’ve added into the game at the start of it

That’s all for now, next post I’ll take you through what team I’m going to be joining first!

Sid @thefmjournal