What does Big Ange need to do in the summer?

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Tottenham are sitting in fourth place in the Premier League, which is significantly better than last season but probably still nowhere near where the fans want Spurs to be. They want them to win the league – even though the chances of that happening in the foreseeable future are pretty slim.

This means that Ange Postecoglou has a lot of work to do next season, and that will start with the work he does this summer.

So, what does Big Ange need to do? Well, we’ll take our couch fan ideas and make a few suggestions.

Hopefully he’ll pick up on our tips – it might even boost the Premier League odds for Tottenham next season.

He won’t do everything

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for Tottenham’s woes. In a recent interview, Postecoglou said that it will take at least three transfer windows before his team is even close to being complete. So, don’t expect there to be a sweeping rebuild when the summer rolls around. It’ll be standard fare – a few players in, a few players out, and plenty of fans complaining that there is no investment in the team.

One of the reasons why he isn’t making big sweeping changes (other than the fact it would be complete madness, and probably would have Tottenham fall foul of FFP), is the fact that many of the current team are still in their first season in the Premier League. They’re getting bedded in with one of the best leagues in the world, and let’s be honest, many of them are not performing terribly. It would be good to see how much they improve over the next season.

Goodbye to Alejo Véliz

Alejo Véliz was meant to be a top signing for the future of Tottenham, but it isn’t really panning out. The 20-year-old has been sent out on loan a few times. He’s barely had any play time, with one of his loan stints racking him up a grand total of 23 minutes.

It is clear that he is dead weight on the wage bill, and Véliz knows this too. He has started to angle for a move, which could free up some (but probably not) a lot of cash for future players. Expect Tottenham to bring in a couple of young prospects here. Nothing too crazy – Tottenham isn’t Brighton. They won’t be bringing in gold for a couple of pennies.

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Attacking rebuild

This is where you can expect most of Tottenham’s cash to be spent in the summer. Although sixth-highest scorers in the league, they seem to be struggling a little in the final third against some teams, which could be a reason why they are not sitting higher. However, with the few ‘leaked’ transfers they’ve talked about, Tottenham will almost certainly need to score Champions League football to get a complete forward to complement what they already have.

Eberechi Eze is the main target for Tottenham, according to media reports. There is a good chance he will head there, too, since Crystal Palace are hardly performing at their peak. He is an attacking midfielder, which would very much suit Ange’s style of play.

Pedro Neto, from Wolves, is also on their shortlist. However, with so many other teams targeting him, chances are slim that Tottenham will score him without Champions League football.

Still, it does show that Big Ange knows where his weaknesses are, and if he isn’t able to secure the players that he wants here, there’ll be plenty more to choose from, even if he goes after some bargain striker options.

Other position boosts

Word on the street is that Tottenham could be bringing in six players this summer, thanks to a boost of £150 million from the board, who are looking for additional investors. This includes goalkeepers, centre-backs, wing-backs, central midfielders and a striker to replace Harry Kane.

We do believe that Big Ange should probably work on getting some depth into the squad. At the moment, a few injury troubles could throw Tottenham into disarray. Experience would also be useful, since much of the first team are newer players in the Premier League.

We doubt that all of these positions will be filled by the end of the summer. The transfer market prices are huge at the moment, but if Tottenham can bring in an attacker and some centre-backs, they’ll be in good shape.

What does next season look like for Tottenham?

We don’t know. We would like to say that Tottenham could improve, but with a younger squad, their performance is erratic at times. We do think they’ll end up in a Champions League position this year, but it’ll be a good few years before they win the Premier League. Arsenal will probably win it before Spurs do, which will not go down well in the Lilywhite half of North London.