Insane Irish Investments for your FM24 team

football national flag of ireland

If you’re looking to improve your FM24 then you’re in the right place as we have a great selection of Irish players that you can add to your team to better your results.

A good player, or being the best player is hard to define because it changes depending on your budget and the specific positions you need to fill. Still, there are plenty of players in different price brackets with potentials that will hopefully match.

It’s always worth researching these players further on FM24 to view their profiles and stats to ensure they’re the perfect match for your team and fit in amongst the other players and the previously filled positions.

Up-and-coming stars

ireland flag on outline of countryWonderkids come at a high price but are packed with potential! The drawback of these up-and-coming young players is they are exactly that: young and less experienced so can be less predictable when it comes to their future or if they’re prepared for such a high level of professional football. As seen with offerings from the leading football bookmakers in Ireland, they don’t always attract the best odds due to their unpredictability.

Nonetheless, the players are valuable and will be great additions to your team.

Keeping an eye on these players is a great way forward as they are only going to improve, if you don’t want to invest in them this season, there’s always next season but be careful because their cost may have doubled by then!

  • Gavin Bazunu – Playing for Championship side Southampton and the Republic of Ireland national team as their goalkeeper, Bazunu is valued at £19 million at the young age of 22 and is a very promising player with his incredible reflexes and aerial ability.
  • Andrew Omobamidele – Omobamidele plays as a defender for Premier League Nottingham Forest and the Republic of Ireland national team. His speed and strength add to his value which stands at £18 million and if you require a defensive player, he’s worth checking out.
  • Evan Ferguson – At 18, Ferguson is already valued at an incredible £80 while playing for Brighton on the south coast. He is a striker and with his work ethic, he’s sure to go further and further, clearly aiming for stardom. One of the most impressive wonderkids at such a young age and high price but it’s sure to pay off.
  • Festy Ebosele – Ebosele plays for the Italian side Udinese and the Republic of Ireland national team at the age of 21 and has plenty of room for improvement. He’s already rumoured to be in pursuit from some larger teams such as Tottenham and West Ham showing his value to them (currently at about 8 million) and the value he can bring to you.

Secure deals

If you’re looking for some players to boost the team but don’t have much cash in your pocket then there are many players with lower but still good potential for a lower price – they are established players rather than up-and-coming young stars which means they have more experience to offer.

  • John Egan – Egan plays for the national team as well as playing centre-back for Sheffield United and is an easy choice with his experience and a nice price tag of £5 million, he’s more affordable than previous players. He’s separated from the crowd due to his aerial presence and leadership skills.
  • James McClean – Valued at £3 million whilst playing for promotion chasers Wrexham he offers a generally good ability across the board with good versatility and good crossing ability, he’s a secure investment.
  • Robbie Brady – Brady plays for Preston North End and can offer an experienced playing style and can play left-wing/midfielder. He is valued at £2 million which would be a great deal for a player of this experience as he started at Manchester United.

Absolute bargains

Sometimes you’ll see a player valued for so little and it’s confusing when paired with their experience or skill set but in FM24, this just allows you more bargains which are always welcome when working with a dwindling budget.

  • Callum O’Dowda – O’Dowda has a variety of experience to offer, having been to multiple different teams but he currently plays for Cardiff City and is valued at around £1 million. Despite the price, you’ll be getting a solid player with dribbling, crossing, and pace.
  • Sinclair Armstrong – At only 20, Armstrong plays for QPR and is valued at about £700k but offers much more than you’d think at this price. Due to his age, there’s plenty of room and time for growth and development and whilst he already offers good physicality and pace he can become so much more if optimised correctly.

This is by no means a complete list of all valuable Irish players for you to invest in on FM24 but it’s certainly a beginning to start exploring the Irish market. The player that you want for your team will depend on what state your team is in and whether you have the budget to buy players such as Evan Ferguson, you might prefer to buy a few cheaper players over one expensive one.

However, before you purchase any of these players, it’s worth checking them out for yourself and seeing whether you think they will fit with your other players.