Bargain goalkeepers in FM24

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When you are building a team on FM24, having capable players in all positions is a must.

While bringing in a goalkeeper may not be at the top of some people’s priority list, signing a solid last line of defence can be the difference between success and failure.

Therefore, it is nice when you can sign a reliable goalkeeper who doesn’t cost the earth. Today, we will look at some good goalkeepers who fit into the bargain category.

One player we excluded is former Manchester United star David De Gea, who we have covered in a separate article.

Sergio Asenjo (Free Agent)

sergio asenjo bargain goalkeepers fm24

I remember the Spaniard being one of the first players I would sign in past editions of FM, but that was when he was an up-and-coming young goalkeeper, which was a while ago.

He is now 34 years of age but is still a really solid signing. A bonus is that he is a free agent after leaving Real Valladolid in September.

The veteran’s stats are still strong, as he has 15 for handling, reflexes, communication, composure and concentration. These are all good attributes to have in a goalkeeper.

Alessio Cragno (Monza, on loan at Sassuolo)

alsessio cragno bargain goalkeepers fm24

The Italian international has some solid stats and is valued between £200k and £2m. The problem in the first season is the minor issue of him being out on loan at Sassuolo from Monza.

However, Cragno is still only 29, so he has plenty of football left in him yet, so signing him in the second season as a first choice if you are a smaller club or a reliable backup if you are a bigger club is still a good option.

His attributes include being rated 16 for his reflexes and 15 for handling, positioning and command of his area. Cragno is the sort of solid player who may not be a glamorous signing but who will quietly prove his worth.

Patrik Carlgren (Randers FC)

patrick carlgren bargain goalkeepers fm24

The Swedish goalkeeper is not a goalkeeper I have used on FM, but I have seen other people talk about the 31-year-old being a bargain signing.

Looking on FM24, he can be picked up for less than £2m, which could offer good value, judging by his stats.

The highlights of his game are a rating of 16 in one-on-ones and rushing out. This makes the goalkeeper a very handy sweeper keeper if your team plays a high defensive line.

However, he also has 15 in the two main areas for a goalkeeper handling and reflexes.

Carlgren is not likely to be a great signing if you are a massive club, although he would provide a decent backup.

However, if you are a team lower down the pecking order, the Swede could prove to be a great signing.

Juan Carlos (Girona)

juan carlos bargain goalkeepers fm24

At 35, the Girona stopper is in the twilight for a footballer. However, as we all know, goalkeepers tend to have longer careers than their outfield counterparts.

With that in mind, Juan Carlos could prove to be a bargain at under £1.5m.

His two best attributes are the goalkeeper’s bread and butter, handling and reflexes, of which he has ratings of 15 and 16, respectively.

Like many of the players on this list, he is unlikely to be your first choice if you are managing an elite-level club.

However, if you are a team fighting relegation in one of Europe’s top leagues, then Juan Carlos is not a terrible player to have at your disposal.

Shuichi Gonda (Shimizu S-Pulse)

shuichi gonda bargain goalkeepers fm24

The Japanese international is another goalkeeper who could serve you well for a fee that won’t break the bank.

He starts the game in his homeland with Shimizu S-Pulse. However, he can be signed for a fee of below £500,000, which could prove to be an absolute bargain.

As with all the goalkeepers on our list, the main attributes of his game are strong in the appropriate areas. He has ratings of 16 for reflexes and 15 for handling.

Leandro Chichizola (Parma)

leandro chichizola bargain goalkeepers fm24

The 33-year-old Argentinian stopper is at Parma at the start of the game but can be signed for around £1m.

Finding a reliable goalkeeper can be difficult. However, Chichizola could well prove to be just what you are searching for.

His handling rating is 15, with reflexes of 16. He also has 14 in command of the area and one-on-ones, which is decent by most goalkeeper standards.

For me, Chichizola would be the sort of signing you would make if you are challenging for promotion in a second-tier European league. He is an excellent short-term option, for sure.

Who is your favourite goalkeeper from our list?