The best goalkeeping coaches in FM24

hugo oliveira

In the last few weeks, we have looked at the top coaches for different areas in FM24. Today, it’s the turn of the goalkeeping coaches.

Here are the main areas a goalkeeping coach should ideally be strong in:

  • GK Distribution
  • GK Handling
  • GK Shot Stopping

Here are the goalkeeping coaches that we recommend (in no particular order):

Adriano Bonaiuti (Internazionale, 3-star reputation)

adriano bonaiuti best goalkeeping coaches fm24

The 56-year-old Inter coach deserves a higher reputation rating than three, as he has attributes that are excellent in not only the goalkeeping coach areas but also other useful areas.

For instance, he has a rating of 18 in Determination, Motivating and People Management, with his Level of Discipline also at 17.

Bonaiuti is a hard man to appoint, as he doesn’t wish to leave Inter, where he has coached since 2013. If you can prise him away from the Nerazzurri, then you will have to pay compensation of around £700,000.

  • GK Distribution 18
  • GK Handling 19
  • GK Shot Stopping 18

Hugo Oliveira (Fulham, 4-star reputation)

hugo oliveira best goalkeeping coaches fm24

The 44-year-old is a 4-star rated goalkeeping coach with good reason, as his all-around attributes are strong for any coach, let alone a goalkeeping coach.

The Fulham coach has the obligatory solid stats for the goalkeeping coach position, but also 19 in Motivating, 18 in People Management and 17 in both Determination and Level of Discipline.

If you wish to appoint Oliveira, then you have to pay the Cottagers a compensation fee of around £300,000.

  • GK Distribution 15
  • GK Handling 15
  • GK Shot Stopping 15

Xavi Valero (West Ham, 3-star reputation)

xavi valero best goalkeeping coaches fm24

The Spaniard is one of my favourites when it comes to goalkeeping coaches, as I always seem to bring him in at some point in the game.

His attributes in the relevant areas are decent. However, it is some of his other attributes that make him such a good appointment.

For instance, his attributes of Mental 16, Determination 16, Level of Discipline 17 and Motivating 19 are all very handy to have in any coach. He is a very good option when looking for a goalkeeping coach.

It is relatively easy to acquire him at the start of the game if you are a bigger club than West Ham for a compensation fee of around £300,000.

  • GK Distribution 15
  • GK Handling 15
  • GK Shot Stopping 15

John Achterberg (Liverpool, 2-and-a-half-star reputation)

john achterberg best goalkeeping coaches fm24

The former Tranmere stopper has earned himself a decent reputation in coaching since retiring from the game. He has been the Liverpool goalkeeping coach since 2009, which tells you something about his quality.

Despite what looks like a relatively low reputation, Achterberg actually has better goalkeeping attributes than much more highly-rated goalkeeping coaches.

His other attributes are pretty strong, too, with 17 in Fitness, Technical, Determination and Level of Discipline and 18 in Adaptability.

The only caveat with Achterberg is that he may well be reluctant to leave Liverpool after such a long time. Like his contemporaries, if you can persuade him to leave the Reds, the compensation fee of £400,000 to appoint him is not massive.

  • GK Distribution 16
  • GK Handling 16
  • GK Shot Stopping 17

Jose Ramon De La Fuente (Barcelona, three-and-half-star reputation)

jose ramon de la fuente best goalkeeping coaches fm24

When it comes to goalkeeping coach stats, the Barcelona man is one of the best around. The 52-year-old is pretty good when it comes to some of the other coaching attributes too, though.

His Determination stat is 17, Motivating 18, with Adaptability and Level of Discipline both 15.

Like Achterberg, De La Fuente is often hard to prise away from Barcelona, having been with the club since 2012 in his current role and having previously played for the Catalan giants at the start of his career.

  • GK Distribution 18
  • GK Handling 17
  • GK Shot Stopping 17

Flavio Tenius (Fluminense, half a star reputation)

flavio tenius best goalkeeping coaches fm24

The Fluminense coach is one of the most underrated in FM24. If you don’t have Brazil’s top-flight loaded up on your game, then you may never see him.

However, stats-wise, he can blow many of his contemporaries out of the water. The fact that he has an 18 out of 20 in Technical, Level of Discipline, Motivating and People Management makes him one of the coaches with the best attributes on our list.

One of the benefits of signing Tenius is that he costs just £110,000 in compensation. At that price, he is an absolute steal if you can acquire his services.

Who are your favourite goalkeeping coaches in FM24? Let us know via our socials