Best attacking coaches on FM24

pepijn lijnders
RN7, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most vital aspects of the Football Manager games, just like real football, is scoring goals. You score more than your opponent and win games and trophies; it’s that simple.

One way of ensuring you get the best out of your attacking players is by hiring coaches with high attacking stats.

The stats we believe are the most important for an attacking coach are obviously attacking and technical. We will also include mental, as this can play a role in any player’s development.

Here are some of our favourite attacking coaches on FM24:

Rodolfo Borrell (Austin, four-star reputation)

rodolfo borrell best attacking coaches fm24

The 52-year-old Spaniard begins the game at Austin in the USA as a Director of Football/Chief Scout. He has only just joined the club, so it may be difficult to acquire when you first start the game.

However, Borrell’s CV speaks for itself, as he has worked at Liverpool as a Head of Youth Development, as well as working as a coach at Manchester City before eventually becoming an Assistant Manager with the Citizens.

Most of his stats are top-notch, but the fact that the attacking and technical areas of his game are strong suggests he will be the perfect coach to develop your forward players.

  • Attacking 17
  • Technical 18
  • Mental 14

Pepijn Lijnders (Liverpool, three-and-a-half-star reputation)

pep lijnders best attacking coaches fm24

The Dutchman is currently the assistant manager of Liverpool, so it may be hard to bring in at the start of the game.

However, when it comes to stats, there are few better all-around coaches on the game than the 40-year-old. However, the fact that his stats in attacking, technical and mental are so high makes him ideal to coach your attacking players.

In truth, he could utilised in many areas of coaching, as he is such a versatile coach. If you are in a position to recruit Lijnders, then don’t hesitate.

  • Attacking 17
  • Technical 16
  • Mental 15

Maurizio Trombetta (Juventus, three and a half stars)

maurizio trambetta best attacking coaches fm24

The Juventus man is a less-rounded coach than some of his colleagues on this list when it comes to stats. However, his coaching strengths are very much geared to the attacking side of the game.

He has decent stats elsewhere, but if you were deploying him, then it would be as an attacking coach.

  • Attacking 20
  • Technical 18
  • Mental 14

Nuno Gomes (Free agent, three and a half stars)

nuno gomes best attacking coaches fm24

The former Portugal striker is the perfect coach for your attacking players, with good stats in the right areas and some strong attributes elsewhere.

Unlike some of the coaches on our list, Gomes is relatively easy to recruit, as he starts the game as a free agent, with his last job in football being listed as a Head of Youth Development at Benfica from 2015 to 2017.

  • Attacking 19
  • Technical 17
  • Mental 16

Quintilliano Francisco Lemos Filho (Betim Futebol, half a star reputation)

quintiliano francisco lemos filho best attacking coaches fm24

The Brazilian is something of a hidden gem when it comes to coaches, as he is currently coaching in the lower leagues of the game in his homeland.

Although he is currently a fitness coach at Betim Futebol, he has previously done various jobs at the likes of America Mineiro and Cruzeiro. His half-a-star reputation belies very solid stats.

His attacking and technical stats make him the ideal coach to help improve your forward players.

  • Attacking 15
  • Technical 17
  • Mental 13

Gianni Vio (Free agent, two and a half stars)

gianni vio best attacking coaches fm24

The experienced Vio starts the game as an unemployed Set Piece Coach. However, his extensive CV includes working at Milan, Brentford, and Tottenham, as well as with the Italian national team.

Similar to Trombetta, Vio doesn’t have majorly good stats in every area of coaching like some on our list. However, his stats are well-tailored to coaching your team’s attacking players.

Lars Knudsen (Free agent, two stars)

lars knudsen best attacking coaches fm24

The Danish coach starts the game as a free agent, as his last spell in the game was at Leicester City in the 2022/23 season as a Set Piece Coach. This means that he is relatively easy to recruit at the beginning of the game.

His two-star reputation is slightly harsh, as his stats suggest that he has pretty solid all-around coaching ability. He is not an elite coach, but at 45, he still has time to develop his attributes.

Knudsen’s skills are definitely best suited to coaching attacking players, as that is where his strengths lie stats-wise.

  • Attacking 15
  • Technical 15
  • Mental 10

Do you have any favourite coaches when it comes to coaching your attacking players? Let us know here or via our socials.