The best defensive coaches in FM24

daniele bernazzani inter milan
Daniele Bernazzani - Steindy (talk) 20:53, 29 November 2009 (UTC), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When you delegate tasks in Football Manager, you need to know that you can trust your coaches to help develop and nurture your top talent. Alongside the assistant manager, coaches play a vital role in this development.

In the next few weeks, we will be looking at the best coaches in different areas of the game. This week, we will look at some of the defensive coaches we would recommend you employ to get the best out of your players.

The key stats for defensive coaches are defending, tactical and technical. The latter is not essential in a defensive coach but is always a bonus.

Giuseppe Baresi (Inter, 3 star)

guiseppe baresi defensive coaches fm24

The former Inter player starts the game as a scout for the Nerazzurri. However, in the past, he has held the positions of coach, assistant manager, head of youth development and under-20s manager.

He may be versatile, but his stats are perfect for a defensive coach. In fact, most of his coaching stats are high so that he could occupy any position on your backroom staff.

The only problem you may have is convincing Baresi to leave the club, as except for one year as a Modena player, he has virtually spent his whole footballing life at Inter.

  • Defending 19
  • Tactical 18
  • Technical 14

Miguel D’Agostino (Chelsea, two and a half stars)

miguel d'agostino defensive coaches fm24

The Argentinian is assistant manager at Chelsea, as many of his coaching stats are high. He has previously worked alongside compatriot Mauricio Pochettino as a coach at Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham.

D’Agostino earned a promotion to assistant manager at PSG, though. Your best chance of employing the Blues assistant manager is if Pochettino is sacked and D’Agostino becomes a free agent.

With solid stats in many areas, he is somebody who will add a lot to your coaching set-up.

  • Defending 18
  • Tactical 16
  • Technical 10

Daniele Baldini (Italy, 3 stars)

daniele baldini defensive coaches fm24

The current Italy coach is another member of staff who could be ideal for any of the roles in your backroom set-up. However, the fact that Baldini has high stats in the Defending and Tactical areas of the game makes him an ideal defensive coach.

His mental stats are also superb, with high stats in Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating. His three-star reputation on my save is arguably slightly harsh on the former Roma, Napoli and Inter coach.

  • Defending 18
  • Tactical 16
  • Technical 13

Daniele Bernazzani (Inter, 3 and half stars)

daniele bernazzani defensive coaches fm24

Yet another Italian on our list is Inter scout Daniele Bernazzani, who could be the closest thing to perfect that you are going to find when it comes to coaches.

Although he currently works as a scout for the Nerazzurri, his talent is criminally underused talent spotting, as most of his coaching stats are impressive.

He has occupied various different roles at Inter, including being the club’s 18 and under-20 managers, as well as coach. Like with Baresi, he could well be hard to prise away from his current employer due to his loyalty to the men from Milan.

  • Defending 17
  • Tactical 17
  • Technical 15

Frank de Boer (Al Jazira (UAE), three stars)

frank de boer defensive coaches fm24

De Boer is, of course, a famous name from his playing days when he represented the Netherlands with such distinction at international level, as well as plying his trade at some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

However, having retired from playing, the former Barcelona defender has turned his hands to coaching and management. His latest position is as manager of UAE outfit Al-Jazira.

He may start the game as a manager, but such is the precarious nature of the job; usually, early in the game, he will become a free agent.

If you can persuade De Boer to become a member of your staff, he will likely become a vital coach in your set-up, as most of his attributes are solid.

With him being a former defender, he would make an ideal defensive coach.

  • Defending 17
  • Tactical 15
  • Technical 15

Craig Fleming (Derby County, half a star)

craig fleming defensive coaches fm24

Now, for me, his half-a-star reputation is criminal, as the 51-year-old Derby under-18 coach has some really strong coaching attributes which belie his reputation.

Not only does he have decent stats when it comes to defensive coaching, but he also has good Mental and Motivating stats, which can play a crucial role in coaching.

The fact that he has only just joined Derby may make it difficult to acquire Fleming at first. However, he could become more interested in a coaching role a few seasons into the game.

  • Defending 16
  • Tactical 16
  • Technical 11

Who are your favourite defensive coaches on FM24?