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Tactics Testing: ThatRyRyGuys- Hyper press, Any level, Underdog to Elite

THTP tactics testing ThatRyRyGuys Hyper press, Any level, Underdog to Elite
We are back with our latest tactic testing, and this time, it's ThatRyRyGuy’s- Hyper press, Any level, Underdog to Elite. This was the first time I was aware of the tactic, and I have to say I was highly impressed. Here is what happened using...

What does Big Ange need to do in the summer?

close up of tackle in football
Tottenham are sitting in fourth place in the Premier League, which is significantly better than last season but probably still nowhere near where the fans want Spurs to be. They want them to win the league – even though the chances of that happening...

Who are the best wide centre-backs in FM24?

matthijs de ligt
The wide centre-back role is a relatively new position in football, although various similar positions in the past have led to its current form. See an explanation of the role in our position’s guide. One of the system's biggest exponents was Chris Wilder during his...

Arsenal’s Interest in Viktor Gyökeres Could Enhance His FM 25 Potential

Arsenal Emirates Stadium
Viktor Gyökeres has been a great signing for Football Manager players over the last few years, thanks to his impressive rise in world football. The 25-year-old has reasonable stats on FM 24, but some players would suggest that his real-world performances outshine his game...

Who are the best complete forwards in FM24?

harry kane when playing for tottenham celebrating goal
Specific roles on FM24 can be difficult to fill if you don’t have the right player. For me, one of those roles is the complete forward. Not every player has the attributes to fulfil the role. Here are some examples of players who fulfil the...