Tactic testing: GYR I am Groot FM24

THTP tactics gyr i am groot fm24

We are back with our latest tactic test, and this time, we tested out GYR- I AM GROOT FM24. GYR has produced some excellent tactics in recent years. This was another solid effort.

If anybody has read my tactic-testing articles, they will know that I tested it with Everton. I promise I will move away from the Toffees in future articles. I use Everton because I know the strengths and weaknesses of the players so that I can make my best judgement on a tactic.

How was the tactic set up?

tactics gyr i am groot fm24

The tactic is set up in a straightforward 4-4-2 on attacking mentality, a formation you don’t see very often in recent games, as 4-2-3-1 has become the favoured system on FM and arguably in real life.

The tactic starts with a goalkeeper on sweeper keeper with an attacking duty, which suits Jordan Pickford in the Everton goal. The defence is made up of a flat-back four, with two wing-backs on support duty, flanking ball-playing defenders on defend duty.

The midfield is made up of two wingers on attack duty, while in the centre of midfield is a central midfielder on support and a ball-winning midfielder also on support duty.

The front two are made up of an advanced forward on attack duty and a pressing forward on support.

Once again, as with every good tactic, players built up excellent relationships all over the pitch. The full-backs and wingers built a good relationship, as did the centre-backs and two forwards. The only players who have not built an understanding are the two central midfielders, but that may be because there was a rotation of four players occupying the two positions. If the players have good relationships, it can only be highly positive.

How did the tactic perform?

table gyr i am groot fm24

The team was given a predicted finish of 13th place, which means the expectations are low with the players available. The team finished in sixth place, claiming a Europa League spot, just a point behind fifth place. However, it was 11 points adrift of the teams who claimed Champions League spots.

This tactic produced a very even result in the table, with the team scoring 79 goals and conceding 60, with a positive goal difference of 19. The team had the fourth-best attacking record while having the eighth-best defensive record in the league.

The fact that the defensive record could be better is not a significant surprise, as many tactics using two central forwards, especially with an attacking mentality, often leave the team vulnerable in defence. There weren’t really any other standout stats. It was just a steady tactic all around.

The team struggled for results in the domestic cup competitions. They exited the FA Cup in the Fourth-Round stage against West Ham while suffering a Third-Round exit in the Carabao Cup against Arsenal.

Who were the best-performing players using this tactic?

squad gyr i am groot fm24

As with most tactics, some players thrive and some struggle. Here are the players who thrived using this tactic:

Highest average season rating

As is often the case for Everton, forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin produced the highest average season rating of 7.46. Winger Arnaut Danjuma came pretty close to matching DCL’s record, with an average rating of 7.35.

Beto also usually has a high average season rating, and he picked up a highly respectable 7.18 rating. Central midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure also managed a rating of 7.13.

Who were the top goalscorers?

Unsurprisingly, Dominic Calvert-Lewin finished as the team’s top goalscorer with 23 goals in 34 appearances. Calvert-Lewin’s strike partner Beto also found the net 18 times in 32 appearances.

Once again, unsurprisingly, the wingers were also relatively prolific, with Dwight McNeil and Arnaut Danjuma scoring 12 and eight goals, respectively. Central midfielders Idrissa Gueye and Abdoulaye Doucoure also scored their fair share of goals, having found the net six and five times, respectively.

Who recorded the most assists?

The most creative players in the team were the wingers. Arnaut Danjuma produced 15 assists. On the other side of the pitch, fellow loanee Jack Harrison created 11 goals for his teammates.

McNeil also had nine assists, with Calvert-Lewin also making a respectable eight goals. Abdoulaye Doucoure and full-back Ashley Young picked up five assists apiece.

What is my conclusion on the tactic?

For me, this is not the best tactic that GYR has ever produced, well, at least in my tactic testing. It may well be very different for other players using other teams.

My main conclusion about this tactic is that it is a good, solid set-up that would work with most teams’ mid-to-top level in the Premier League. The formation suited the limited squad depth at Everton, as it took advantage of the talented attacking players in the squad.

I may use the tactic again in the future, as I have always had a soft spot for tactics with two central strikers.

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