My favourite French wonderkids in FM24

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In the last three decades, France has been a superpower of the beautiful game. The youth systems at French football academies seem to be pumping out constant high-quality young players. However, who are our favourite young French wonderkids on FM24?

Guillaume Restes (Toulouse)

guillaume restes fm24 french wonderkids

When it comes to talented young goalkeepers, there are very few with more potential than Guillaume Restes. At the beginning of FM24, the Toulouse stopper is just 18, but with promising stats hinting a glorious career ahead of him.

As Guillaume Restes matures and his stats skyrocket, he becomes one of the game’s top goalkeepers. His value, ranging between £29m and £37m at such a young age, is a testament to his immense potential and the potential benefits of acquiring him.

He is generally available for around £40m in the first summer transfer window. Some may say it’s a lot for a youngster. However, if you are an elite club, then it may be worth signing him early in the game, as you can loan him out, and eventually, he can become your number-one goalkeeper.

Lucas Chevalier (Lille)

lucas chevalier fm24 french wonderkids

Chevalier is older than Restes and further along in his development. His stats are stronger at the beginning of the game. Although Restes becomes a better player in most of my games, Chevalier is a really good goalkeeping option in the first few seasons of the game.

His stats are highly respectable at 21, and by the time he is 23, I have found that he is usually at a Premier League club. The fact that he can be signed for £17.5m in the first season is a big bonus.

Even at 21, he doesn’t look out of place in a mid-level Premier League team, for example. Playing as Everton, I often sign Chevalier as a replacement for Jordan Pickford if he decides to leave. He isn’t quite the same level as England’s number one, but he won’t let you down.

Leny Yoro (Lille)

leny yoto fm24 french wonderkids

A teammate of Chevalier at Lille, Yoro has already caught the attention of some of Europe’s elite clubs. He has played regularly for LOSC this season despite being just 18.

At the beginning of the game, he is 17, but his stats are highly promising, and they only improve with more experience. His rating of £40m in the first season illustrates his potential.

I tend to sign him when he reaches his mid-20s, after his attributes have shot up and he is a player capable of coming into my team and dominating Premier League attackers.

Joris Chotard (Montpellier)

joris chotard fm24 french wonderkids

The 21-year-old defensive midfielder is arguably different from many of the players on our list in the fact that he is already first-team ready for most teams at the mid-Premier League/Bundesliga level.

Chotard can play as a defensive midfielder or slightly further forward. He is a solid, hard-working midfielder with decent technique ability.

A fee of around £20m, plus add-ons in the first transfer window is a price worth playing for such a well-rounded midfield player, especially as he tends to improve with more experience.

Warren Zaire-Emery (PSG)

warren zaire-emery fm24 french wonderkids

The young midfielder will arguably be more familiar to most casual football fans because he broke into the PSG team when he was very young. When we start the game, he is 17 but he has the stats of a far older player.

Those stats only grow, and in my game, he becomes a player that every top club wants. Having used him in several saves, he is one of my favourite FM youngsters.

One big caveat with Zaire-Emery is that due to his immense ability and potential, you are unlikely to be able to sign him on a permanent basis in the first season. You also can’t sign him on loan because of his age.

However, wait a few seasons, and you won’t regret signing him, especially if it is for a fee less than £50m, which I have done in previous saves.

Eliesse Ben Seghir (Monaco)

eliesse ben seghir fm24 french wonderkids

The versatile youngster can play across the midfield and in all the attacking midfield positions. At just 18 when the game begins, he has plenty of potential, which he quite often fulfils.

I say quite often fulfils because I have signed him, and it hasn’t quite worked out. However, that has mainly been due to my team being so strong that he hasn’t been able to play first-team football, which is understandable.

I usually sign him when he is in his early 20’s, as by then, there are significant hints at the player he will become later in his career.

However, you can sign him for less than £10m plus add-ons at the beginning of the game, which is an absolute steal because if you develop Ben Seghir, he becomes a major attacking asset for any team.

Junior Kroupi (Lorient)

junior kroupi fm24 french wonderkids

Despite being just 17, Kroupi has played 29 times for Lorient in Ligue One this season. Unsurprisingly, the young attacker starts the game with promising stats, especially his technique, which is 15.

He tends to fulfil his potential and become an outstanding central attacking midfielder or even focal point for your attack. One major positive for Kroupi at the start of the game is that he can be signed for less than £3m plus add-ons.

At that price, he is a no-brainer signing, if you can complete the deal and then loan him out for a few seasons. Of all the players on our list, he is the easiest and cheapest player to sign on FM24.

Who are your favourite French wonderkids on FM24?