Tactic Testing: RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

THTP tactics testing RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

We are back with our latest tactic test for FM24. This one is topical, as the latest tactic we tested was RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343.

As the name suggests, RDF sought to recapture the success that highly rated Portuguese head coach Ruben Amorim has enjoyed with Sporting CP. They were recently confirmed as Portugal’s champions for season 2023/24, so I thought it would be an excellent time to test out the tactic.

The conditions of the test

I have to admit I was wondering which team to test this with. My son suggested Italian giants Milan, and it worked out pretty well. As always, I didn’t sign or sell any players, and I simmed a full season. It turned out the tactic suited the Rossoneri’s players.

How is the tactic set up?

tactics RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

Despite the tactics title stating it’s a 343 formation, it could also be viewed as a 3421. The balanced mentality, which I initially thought might be slightly too negative, turned out to be a strategic advantage, proving my initial doubts wrong.

When it comes to positions, the set-up begins with a sweeper keeper on attack. In front of the last line of defence are two ball-playing defenders on defend and a wide centre-back on support duties.

Interestingly, the two ball-playing defenders are the only players in the team who have defend as their duty. This may be negated my initial thoughts that this tactic could be too negative.

Further forward, we had a wing-back on support duty and a wing-back on attack, with a volante on attack and a defensive midfielder on support sandwiched in between.

On the wings are an inverted winger and an inside forward, who are both on support duty. A complete forward is the attack’s figurehead.

Unsurprisingly, considering the tactic was pretty successful, several players built strong relationships using it. The two central midfielders developed a decent partnership, while the first-choice three central defenders also developed a strong understanding with each other.

As we know, these understandings can be a key factor in a successful tactic and team in general.

Was the tactic a success?

table RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

The team was predicted to finish third in the table, and the board’s objective was to earn a Champions League spot.

The tactic helped the team win the Serie A title, with 86 points, finishing five points ahead of real-life champions and arch-rivals Inter.

As champions, it is unsurprising that the team scored the most goals in Serie A, with 81.

However, their defensive performance was arguably even more impressive. They conceded just 26 goals, one of the lowest tallies of any of the tactics we have tested for FM24. The tactic has produced an excellent balance between attack and defence.

The team’s home record was an impressive one, as they went unbeaten in the league, recording 17 wins and two draws, while conceding just seven goals. The Rossoneri also had the joint-best away record with Inter, having picked up 33 points away from home.

competitions RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

The cup competitions were nothing to write home about, as the team was eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League by Manchester City. In the Coppa Italia, they suffered a shock loss to Frosinone in the third round of the competition.

Who were the players that thrived using this tactic?

squad RDF’s Amorim Hybrid Press 343

Like many of these tactics, certain players tend to thrive if used in the right way. A good tactic can see the majority of a decent team thrive.

The first player I want to talk about is veteran French forward Olivier Giroud, who scored 27 goals in all competitions and produced three assists. The former Arsenal and Chelsea star striker won the Serie A Golden Boot courtesy of 24 goals in the Italian top flight.

Wing-backs Theo Hernandez and David Calabria always looked like perfect players for this tactic. They certainly didn’t disappoint. Hernandez scored eight goals and produced ten assists, while Calabria scored just twice but produced 11 assists, the second-highest assist count in the team.

Right-winger Christian Pulisic also produced respectable numbers, scoring eight goals and 12 assists. In terms of numbers, only Giroud produced more goal contributions.

Rafael Leao, Samuel Chukwueze, and defensive midfielder Tommaso Pobega all scored seven times over the season. I must admit that Leao’s production of just seven goals and three assists was disappointing, considering his high attributes and that he made 32 appearances.

When it comes to goals and assists, ball-playing defender Pierre Kalulu deserves a mention. Despite his deep position on the team, he scored five goals and produced four assists.

Goalkeeper Mike Maignan also played a big part in the team’s success, as he kept 18 clean sheets in Serie A, picking up an average rating of 7.07.

What is my verdict on this tactic?

I should never have doubted RDF with my initial feeling that this tactic would be negative. He seems to come up with hit after hit when it comes to tactics. This one was undoubtedly a success.

Despite my initial scepticism, I liked the team’s makeup and duties. This tactic could be used to bring many teams success, but Milan was a team that had players in key positions to make it work.

Giroud up front, the excellent wing-backs Hernandez and Calabria, and of course the back three.

I highly recommend this tactic to anyone with the players to make it work. You will be impressed by its balance and sheer effectiveness.

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