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FM24 to be released on 6th November

fm24 progress never stops out 6th november
Last Tuesday, we got the news that many FM fans were waiting for, as we discovered that FM24 will be released on November 06th. Many fans and content creators were delighted with the news, as it is always exciting when a new game edition is...

Tactic testing: The 4132 Paradox-Diablo Steel by Delicious the Assembler

THTP tactics 4132 paradox-diablo steel
We are back with our latest tactic testing. This time around, we tested out another tactic from one of our favourite creators, Delicious Story/Delicious the Assembler, called the 4132 Paradox- Diablo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGIM_lmOtLI To learn more about the tactic, why not visit Delicious’ YouTube channel, where he...

Guide to FM Abbreviations and Roles: Central Attacking Midfield Edition

pedro concalves
Today, we continue our series on FM abbreviations and roles. Having worked our way up the pitch, our focus is the central attacking midfield roles and the abbreviations for the said roles. So, without further ado, here they are: AM (Attacking Midfielder can be used on...

Tactics testing: 42112A Blaulicious by Delicious Story

THTP tactics 42112A Blaulicious
We are back with another tactic testing today, with a tactic from one of our favourite tactic creators, Delicious Story. This time, it’s a tactic called the 42112A Blaulicious, which is an Asymmetric 42112. It’s the sort of tactic that is slightly different and, more...

What FM23 favourites have earned transfers in the summer of 2023?

tansfer window stamp
We all love to sign a bargain on Football Manager, and there are so many players that we will look to sign in each save. In the FM23 edition of the game, like everybody, I had favourites who, for the most part, were bargain...