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Top five Brazilian wonderkids in FM24

brazilian wonderkids
There are very few feelings better than nurturing a wonderkid from an inexperienced youngster to a world star when playing FM. Wonderkids can come from all corners of the globe, of course. However, certain countries are production factories of talented young players. One of those...

FM24 Wonderkids: The beauty of Bardghji

wonderkids thtp
In other works of life, obsessing about a teenager could well see you in hot water. However, in FM, there seems to be a growing love for a certain Swedish wonderkid named Roony Bardghji. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SEIe_UkMbg The Copenhagen youngster is a familiar name to FM players, as...

Tactic testing: GYR I am Groot FM24

THTP tactics gyr i am groot fm24
We are back with our latest tactic test, and this time, we tested out GYR- I AM GROOT FM24. GYR has produced some excellent tactics in recent years. This was another solid effort. If anybody has read my tactic-testing articles, they will know that I...

Why Everton could be the team to manage on FM24

FM24 has been officially out for a while now, and you can’t think of a team to manage that gets you excited about the latest edition of the game. Well, why not try to awaken a sleeping giant of football in Everton? A fantastic history Obviously,...

Tactics Testing FM24: GYR-DRAX FM24

THTP tactics GYR-DRAX FM24
We are back only our second tactic testing for FM24, and like our first article, the tactic is by a prolific FM tactic creator, GYR. The tactic we used in the test is DRAX FM24, which unsurprisingly produced excellent results, which we will go into...