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The Frustrating Inevitabilities of Football Manager

frustrated angry football fans in stadium silhouette people watching
In football and life, sometimes you can predict exactly what will happen before it happens. It’s like having a crystal ball but without having any otherworldly powers. Those rules apply to FM, too, as there are certainties in the game that always seem to happen....

Who are the best players FM24 players based on CA?

kevin de bruyne takes corner for man city in champions league game
Football Manager is as real as you can get when it comes to football games. One of the key factors of the game is the player’s current ability (CA). The better the player’s individual stats, the better the player will be, and the higher their...

Who is the fastest player in FM24?

Many attributes can make a player stand out from the crowd and give them an advantage on a football pitch. Those attributes sometimes play a key role in FM24, as players who have certain attributes can make or break your FM tactic. One of the...

The Strategic Edge: How Playing Football Manager Can Enhance Your Football Betting Skills

football ready for corner close up
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use your extensive knowledge gained by playing Football Manager? One way to do that is to try placing bets on football matches. Playing Football Manager (FM) already gifted you with all the knowledge you’ll...

My FM favourites who could be on the move in the summer of 2024

arthur theate
The European transfer window opened on 1st July, which, as is usually the case, led to a flurry of transfer activity. It seems that some FM favourites could well be on the move this summer. Here are some of those players that could be...