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Tag: #FM16 #GoingLocoGoingZacaPolco

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Football Manager 2025 Lands a Huge Licensing Deal

Sports Interactive, the publisher of Football Manager, has secured a landmark, four-year licencing agreement with the Premier League. The excitement around the imminent launch of FM 2025 is greater than ever before. As announced last year, the upcoming version will use Unity, a cutting-edge game engine...

Tactic testing: 100% Attack by Josh Daly with Tottenham

THTP tactics 100 percent attack josh daly tottenham
Hey guys, we are back with another tactic testing for FM24. This time we put 100% Attack by Josh Daly to the test. The tactic creator makes some big claims in his original post. We want to see if the tactic lives up to...

How to Play Around the Low Block: A German Masterclass

football painted with germany flag close up on grass sky background
The opening game of EURO 2024 had the potential to become a nerve-wracking nightmare for Germany. The host nation were playing in front of a packed, expectant 65,000 strong crowd at the Allianz Arena against a Scotland side who would surely revel in their role...

Two exciting developments that could be game changers for FM25

fm25 premier league partnership
There is always excitement when a new Football Manager is about to be released, no matter whether it looks like it could be a significant step forward or not. However, with months until FM25 is released worldwide, there is already extra excitement surrounding the release...

Surprises in Store: Bold Predictions for Euro 2024

fans wave flags before big football match in large stadium
The Euro 2024 tournament kicks off in Germany with a few teams favoured to win based on recent performances and a strong squad. However, past tournaments have proven that underdogs can rise to the occasion. Check out these bold predictions that may defy expectations. Favourites...