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How to Build a Perfect Squad

When embarking on your journey to Football Manager glory, it is fundamental to your success that you get everything right. Critical to this is establishing a coherent, organised, and achievable plan that can guide your every move. The core of such a plan is...

#FM16 : Atalanta : The Rise of La Dea : October 2015

An unbeaten September saw La Dea lie in 4th place heading into October.  The back five was now settled and the starting midfield slots rotating nicely between Poyet, Kurtic, Timor, Besic and Susic.  Further ahead of them, Gómez had returned to create a front three of him,...

Back in the USSR: Does May equal Promotion?

Five games and eight points. That's all that stands in the way of greatness, we're so close to promotion I can almost taste it. The pressure is mounting and the press are doing their best to ramp up the importance of every game. According to...

Digging Through Data – Ep 2 The Maurauding Left Back

Tempo Tactics
In the previous episode, we searched for a new goalkeeper using the extensive data available in Football Manager. In this piece, we will search for a new left-back, by analysing the data of a series of defenders in the Championship.

FM18 League Guide – Colombia

Bienvenido If you are tired of the same leagues and teams of a European season then you should really try a save in South America. There a wide range of leagues to choose from, Argentina and Brazil being the most popular but what do the...