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Well maybe to clarify that I am not a Oxford United fan but I certainly am enjoying the current FM17 save with the U’s. My passion for Middlesbrough, my hometown club is too strong to ever stray to another football club. I have followed Boro all my life and this fits in nicely with the love of the game ‘Football Manager’. I support the Boro from a far since I moved South but still attend matches when time allows. In terms of FM history. Well i will keep it brief but i have played it since the days of Championship Manager and before the SEGA days. (Yes, i’m a old fella now) but have continued to play and enjoy the whole game whatever the changes have been. I decided to take my playing online with blog posts on my site as well as posting updates via my personal Twitter account

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Know Your Role: Segundo Volante

Football Manager 2021
The Segundo Volante literally means (as per Google Translate), “Second Steering Wheel” or “Second Balance”. The idea being that a Segundo Volante is utilised as the second player in a double pivot, alongside a regista or a deep-lying midfielder – where the...

#FM17 : Taste The Feeling Episode 12

Since we’ve introduced another team it’s obviously taking me a bit longer to get through a season so from now on each episode will cover up to January. This episode will be an exception though as I've had a few requests to cover in...

Scars And Stripes Episode 9: Atlanta’s Revolution Is Taking Shape

Good morrow dear friends, welcome to my city. Yes, I've claimed Atlanta as my own. I'm the king here and the king speaks for us all when he says we're f*cking fantastic again this season and deserve our plaudits. The MLS Supporter's Shield was retained...

Know Your Role: The Half Back

Tempo Tactics
One of the most underrated player roles in Football Manager, the Half Back provides serious stability to any midfield. The role of the half back is almost entirely defensive, designed to be a screen to the defence, preventing any attacks from coming...

Brexit Bournemouth Part 1

As 2016 quietly fades into memory, it leaves a trail of emotional devastation, and a discomforting sense of doom for what the next twelve months will bring, in its wake. In that annus horribilis, the perpetual loss of beloved cultural icons and a omnipresent political turmoil became...