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Well maybe to clarify that I am not a Oxford United fan but I certainly am enjoying the current FM17 save with the U’s. My passion for Middlesbrough, my hometown club is too strong to ever stray to another football club. I have followed Boro all my life and this fits in nicely with the love of the game ‘Football Manager’. I support the Boro from a far since I moved South but still attend matches when time allows. In terms of FM history. Well i will keep it brief but i have played it since the days of Championship Manager and before the SEGA days. (Yes, i’m a old fella now) but have continued to play and enjoy the whole game whatever the changes have been. I decided to take my playing online with blog posts on my site as well as posting updates via my personal Twitter account

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Tactics Tested: Manchester City

Barca Style of Play Pep Guardiola started to implement his playing style upon his Man City team almost as soon as he arrived last season, but with an ageing squad and after a disappointing season with Bayern, he couldn’t reach the dizzying heights of his...

The Set Pieces: 3 rules to make the most of the hidden weapon of Football Manager

Imagine, you became a manager of the small amateur club with limited financial options, you have only one coach and part-time physio and your players train after their shifts at work. You hope they will play with your own philosophy, with your favourite formation...

How to Create Gegenpressing in FM17

Follow @DistanceCovered on Twitter for more. Introduction Before I get started, I’ve got to make two things absolutely clear to before going into detail. Firstly, this is MY guide to gegenpressing within Football Manager, not THE guide. The guidance, recommendations and information proposed throughout the piece...

Recreating Klopp’s Tactics in FM17

Jurgen Klopp has been winning praise for the way he aims to be only the 3rd manager to take Liverpool into the top 4 within the last 10 years, but is it possible to replicate his “heavy metal” style of football in FM17? To work...

How to choose the best player role for your number 10

Roberto Baggio
Pure Number 10 players are the kind of species that we, football fans, love to admire. The number 10 position it is indissolubly linked with skills, vision, and creativity. They are the players people buy ticket for, the ones that can turn a match around....