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Know Your Role: Supporting Target Man

Tempo Tactics
Football Manager is a game with two distinct schools of tactical setups. You either create a tactic but tweak it to fit your players, or you create a tactic and shoehorn your players in (or indeed purchase new ones to fit the...

Five Tips for Premier League survival

So you actually did it. You’ve taken over a Championship side and managed to get promoted. A gruelling 46 game campaign ended in a ticket to the Promised Land. Congratulations! Well done! But the hardest part of the job has just started. As a...

Know Your Role: Ball -Winning Midfielder

Football Manager 2021
The ball-winning midfielder, particularly with the defend duty, is perhaps one of the easiest players to identify for your team. However, making sure you get the right balance of tough tackling and hyper-aggression, all within the right system, is key to advancing...

#FM16 : Atalanta : The Rise of La Dea – August 2015 (including Deadline Day)

A promising pre-season led Atalanta hurtling towards a first season under my tutelage in high spirits. The opening month's fixtures were a mixed bag; very winnable games at home to Modena in the cup plus the first game of the Serie A season against the...

FM18: 5 Things To Do When Taking Over In The Relegation Zone

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to be asked to take over from Stuart Reid in the #LetouDecide project here on The Higher Tempo in association with Swansea City and their shirt sponsor Letou Sports and become FM18's version of Red Adair. When I parachuted...