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My name is Ondrej but I use a pseudonym Keysi Rensie for many years in Football Manager world. I’m thirty-one years old and I’m from the Czech Republic.

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Tactics Tested: Manchester City

Barca Style of Play Pep Guardiola started to implement his playing style upon his Man City team almost as soon as he arrived last season, but with an ageing squad and after a disappointing season with Bayern, he couldn’t reach the dizzying heights of his...

Beginners Guide to Football Manager

Football Manager 2019
Photo by skeeze, Public Domain Football Manager is a complex and realistic game, so good techniques and patience are important to your success. With the recent release of Football Manager 2019, many veteran players will be well into their gameplay by now, using the skills they...

Recreating Klopp’s Tactics in FM17

Jurgen Klopp has been winning praise for the way he aims to be only the 3rd manager to take Liverpool into the top 4 within the last 10 years, but is it possible to replicate his “heavy metal” style of football in FM17? To work...

FM18 Formation Guide: 3-4-3

Three at the Back?! Louis Van Gaal was laughed at when he tried to implement a three-at-the-back system at Man United a few years ago. Partially because it didn’t work, but mainly because it was new, and the Premier League doesn’t like change. However, when Antonio...

Episode 19, FM’s biggest scouting network?

Now with the addition of Coca Cola Sunderland and having had a season to shape the back-room it’s time for an overhaul of our scouting system. Last season we relied on the scouting network we already had in place, but now it’s time to...