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I'm Carl, I'm 31 and I've been playing this game (averagely) for over 20 years. I'm from North Wales, and I'm a Blackburn fan.
Brexit means Brexit

Brexit Stage Left

Brexit means Brexit

Brexit Begins

Brexit means Brexit

Can EU Believe It?!

Brexit means Brexit

Sturgeon’s Delight

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Tempo Tactics The Glesga KISS: Big Man – Little Man

Tempo Tactics
Years ago, when I was learning more about designing a website's User Experience, I was introduced to the acronym KISS - a phrase that has stuck in my mind more than most things I have learned and one that I believe is suitable in...

Tempo Tactics: 5-3-2 Ćiro’s Croatia

Tempo Tactics
“If he ever becomes a real football player I’ll eat my coaching diploma” - Miroslav "Ćiro" Blažević Between the ‘96 Euros in England and France ‘98, one international football team captured my heart and pocket money bets. The epitome of the dark horse, Croatia were...

#FM17 | FM Sessions | Welcome to Dundee United

Here we go – welcome to Dundee United Football Club. In a very tightly contested poll, Dundee United pipped AC Milan by a single vote to become the lucky team opening their doors to our first foray into management. It might not be France or...

How to Build a Perfect Squad

When embarking on your journey to Football Manager glory, it is fundamental to your success that you get everything right. Critical to this is establishing a coherent, organised, and achievable plan that can guide your every move. The core of such a plan is...

A Tactical Analysis of Adam Lallana, the Maestro of the Central Midfield

Adam Lallana
Adam Lallana was voted England’s player of 2016 and since Jürgen Klopp’s arrival at Liverpool, his overall game has come on leaps and bounds as he is forming a vital piece in the Klopp system alongside the likes of Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino and...