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A 23 year old Football Manager enthusiast. Cerebral and unfeeling with a penchant for inappropriate wit.

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Digging through Data – Ep 3 Filling the Defence

Tempo Tactics
Filling the defence with statistically proven full backs and centre backs to take on the Premier League

What to do after an unexpected promotion?

It's an exciting time during those all-or-nothing matches leading up to securing promotion. When that final whistle blows and the pandemonium brakes lose in the stands, it tempting to lean back, kick your feet up and enjoy a cool drink and break after a long...

5 Things to do to Never Sign Another Flop

Signing a new player is exciting. The endless possibilities, the promise of more, the allure of positive impacts. It's a tricky business though. It could make or break your season or your save. What if they're a flop? What if they're a failure? What if...

#FM17 : In praise of in-game team talks

Okay, so it's hardly the most exciting element of Football Manager, but in-game or touchline team talks should not be overlooked. I am aware that many players of the game rarely use this concept, if at all, but I really must advocate it. I use the...

Digging Through Data – The Moneyball Approach

Tempo Tactics
Using real-life data analytic techniques to try and sign the most effective players in Football Manager.