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My name is Aron and I'm from Hungary. I make videos of my FM journeys and I write articles about Hungarian teams and players.

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Play Like: Ancelotti’s Milan 2007

Football Manager 2021
This new series will take you through how to evoke the memories of classic teams over the years, recreating their tactics in Football Manager to (hopefully) win games and (definitely) have fun in the process. Club sides, international teams,...

Serbian Supremacy

Zdravo and welcome back to Totally Rad (how nineties am I?) last time out we were looking at our new team, the aptly named FK Rad, and going through our philosophy and plans for Serbian domination. Well since then we have played our pre-season...

FM17 | Guides | 5 + 1 players to watch in Slovak league

After an article about interesting players in the Czech highest division I decided to put together also players from Slovak league currently know as the Fortuna liga due to a sponsorship arrangement with bet company. As you maybe know the highest Slovak football league was...

The Islanders XIX

OSU! I bring you news, gather, gather. Our debut season in J1 has come to an end so we are probably due some kind of update, no? Well, what a bloody season. What a bloody season. I think I wanted something like 15th place in the table...

FM2020: Winning promotion with Leeds United at the first attempt

Football Manager 2020
If you’re searching for a club to give you long-lasting enjoyment on Football Manager 2020 there is no better place to achieve that than with Leeds United. Relegated out of the Premier League back in 2004, the Whites have remained out of...